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Saturday, June 20th: Walsenburg, CO to Santa Rosa, NM

It was still raining when we woke about 8, but we were enjoying the space, toilet, shower, fridge (twice the size with a separate freezer), ease of setting up and taking down, etc., we hardly noticed. We discussed how to remedy some of the shortcomings (less counter space and a smaller table), and expressed frustration with two problems (a wacky jack and a leaky kitchen sink).

We had originally planned to stay 2 days to recoup, but with bad weather and no wi fi, we decided to press on. When there was a lull, we prepared to leave; such a simple process! Our poor, soaked neighbors (there were 4 tenters total) were there to sell Bar-B-Q at a festival in town. She was pregnant besides. At least it was fairly warm.

We hit the road about 10:30 and had cross wind today. Surprisingly, the head wind was worse. The bar adjustment really helped; we are more level now. After having lunch on the road, stopping for gas, stopping at 2 rest areas, and once on the road (what a treat to just stop to pee in our own bathroom!), we arrived in Santa Rosa about 3:30. We saw lots of pronghorn on the high plains and passed by the KOA south of Las Vegas, our first stop of the trip, where this all began. Even though some of it was in the clouds, Raton Pass was beautiful, and we always enjoy the road south of Romeroville to Santa Rosa.

As we topped the pass into NM, we saw brighter clouds, mesas, and eventually, sun! It was actually hot in Santa Rosa! After we got registered at the very nice RV park (where we got a neat jigsaw puzzle of Gamble quail), we set up, and took a nap. We’ll stay 2 days because we need to. I checked out the pool. It’s not heated, but is supposed to be 96 tomorrow, so it will be a welcome treat. We had dinner, I read a bit in one of my new text books, then both of us worked on the laptops. We can’t get the wi fi to work, will go to the office tomorrow. Watched a beautiful sunset, had a night snack, and went to bed.

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