The entrance to the preserve, ahh! Paradise, I've wondered what it'd be...


A view of the lake below, we're at about 1000 ft elevation.

The adjoining property raises Christmas trees.

Lots o trees

We currently live on Moose lane, ya'll come by an visit, ya'her!

3 pools and a hot tub await you !

2 private lakes on the preserve also await you, stocked to the...

Old stumps turned into decorations as mother trees for younger ones

Did I mention the neat little lakes?

A fishing derby on Father's day weekend

A very nice store and other activity centers await you.

Though we started out in a fog and drippy weather on the coast, things brightened up by the time our 109 mile trip inland was over. About 14 miles east of I-5 at Chehalis, WA sits the little hamlet of Silver Creek and just above it on a mountain is our preserve. Situated almost exactly between mountains Rainer and St. Helens.

We're very satisfied with this preserve. It's large, about 380 acres, has two stocked lakes, the facilities are nice and we're above the valley floor about 1000 feet in elevation. Though one could stay planted in the preserve and have a good time, we'll be venturing out to see some of the sights we've heard about. Like steam train rides, hike the mountains, fish the preserve lakes, and two bigger lakes nearby.

So stay tuned to this BLOG for the further adventures of Dave and Rebecca...

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