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Yesterday I wrote the journal entry about my Dad. The consequence of that is that I basically now need to tell you about yesterday as well as today.

As many of you know, I have family in this area. An Aunt and Uncle, lots of cousins and their children, as well as Jennifer, Steve and Colby.

They are all very special to us and we love each one of them.

I grew up close to my cousins, so it was especially nice to be able to see so many of them again, at a reception for newly-weds, Adam & Gena.

We had a wonderful time and I do have some pictures to show you so I will get those posted when I finish this journal entry.

Marilyn felt tired all day yesterday but seemed to perk up a bit while in the company of so many family members.

However, when we arrived back home, she immediately went straight to bed.

She slept in until a bit after 7:00 this morning. I had coffee ready when she came down the steps but she didn’t even finish one cup with me, before she returned to bed. She says she feels really tired so I don’t know what to make of things at this point.

Jennifer called to let us know that she, Steve and Colby were coming in to visit for awhile, so Marilyn got up and dressed but I could tell that she isn’t feeling well yet.

I went outdoors to do some chores. I put the ladder and the tri-pod stabilizer in the truck bed, for the trip to Colorado, and put the “broom” mud flap into the hitch receiver on the truck.

I also stowed away some items which will ride in the basement storage area, and cleaned the 12v cooler. It is nearly full, but is ready to go.

It is steamy outside today, with the humidity nearly 100% and a temperature over 90 in the shade.

We sat indoors with Steve, Jennifer and Colby, and had a nice visit with them. Colby is growing and we already anticipate missing him terribly.

We love this life we live but I will be the first to admit that missing the kids and Colby will be very real.

As soon as the kids left, Marilyn went back to bed. She took her temperature and is running a low grade fever, so she called Jennifer to ask Gloria to watch Colby tomorrow. We sure hope that she feels ok so that we can have Colby on Tuesday. That will be our last chance to share a full day with him before we leave Saturday.

We had an e-mail from Russ and Patty Frady today, that they will be in our area this next week and would like to get together with us. They are cyber friends that we have not met in person, so we hope that we can make that work out.

With Marilyn asleep in bed today, I am watching the US Open Golf Tournament. That is a fine way to spend a relaxing Father’s Day.

So, with that, I will say “Happy Father’s Day to all of you guys out there.

Now we’ll just wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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