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Thursday Market Day in Roussillon

Gasing up the car

Cutting the cloth

M. Gregoire and Marbs

Dinner in L'Isle sur la sorgue

L'Isle sur la sorgue

The Sorgue River

Trouble in paradise. . . . This morning we finally hit the wall. I wake up and Marbs is gone. When she comes back, she says she had gone for coffee and off to the market.

I was a little hurt she hadn't waited for me. She asks me if I'd like her to run to the bistro and get me a coffee. I say "If you'd like" . . . this response triggers something . . She takes me by the shoulders and looks into my eyes and says "What DO you want?" It seems my driving "notes" , my attitude about the house and a few other items are wearing on her. She says we need to talk. I say, let’s not delay it and start now. The talk is productive, we get the air cleared and we both feel like the heaviness that was on us is now lifted. It's such a great feeling.

We are feeling much lighter now and we drive over to Apt to purchase our train tickets from Avignon back to Paris. We then journey off to St-Saturnin-Les-Avignon in search of Tissus Gregoire - a fabric house.

Martha is convinced she will find upholstery fabric for her lanai chairs in Maui and has been asking people where she can find fabric. Lilly, our fabulous therapist/chef is also an upholsterer, she refers Marbie to Tissus Gregoire. It was an adventure finding the place and we did it without too many hiccups. After four hours inside the warehouse in the blazing heat - someone came in and told us it was 37 C. outside, which translates to 98 degrees F - we manage to find drapery fabric, which doesn't relate to any reason why we came here, but, the beautiful fabric leads us to M. Gregoire, the owner, who helps us locate upholstery fabric to match the drapery fabric.

My inspiration now says the drapery fabric needs elephants or camels to pull off the look for the chairs, so off we go through the hot warehouse again with M. Gregoire in search of elephants and camels. Voila!! 10 minutes before closing, we find fabric in the correct color and motif and our goal is accomplished. We both feel good . . . and hot.

Satisfied with our fabric finds, we head back toward Roussillon, stopping in the beautiful town of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue - called the Venice of Provence. We are starving and choose the Belleview Restaurant, one of the charming restaurants with seating on the Sorgue River.

After a lovely dinner and a bottle of Rose we're on the road back to our house in Roussillon, it's our first night driving in the dark and Marbie has to drive as I've left my night driving glasses back at the house.

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