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fancy piece of driftwood, wouldn't fit in our luggage

artsy mobile hanging on the porch

view from the beach when the tide was out. Our room is...

Cory, Elaine and new friends Maria and Matt from Florida

Usual characters and Michael - the Eagle scout (really) from Pittsburg

Enjoying the outdoors and calming ocean noise

Poco measuring the advance of the tide

Japanese flag sunrise - spectacular

flotsam and jetsam on way to Playa Grande

Playa Grande - Surfers paradise

Anna and Pedro leaving us in Montezuma

another spectacular sunrise shot

We had a good nights sleep, woke up before the 6:00 am alarm and headed off to the ferry terminal that was listed in our Lonely Planet Guide book. Guess what? It wasn’t there! Puntarenas had gone from two ferry terminals to only one. We caught a taxi to the right terminal and were greeted by a young couple that had been waiting for an hour having missed getting their vehicle on the 6:00 am ferry by 2 cars. We visited with them until it was time for our 9:00 am departure. Their names are Anna and Pedro and they are friends travelling together from Belgium. Turns out they were heading to Montezuma, so they offered us a ride. We checked out the first hostel, it was written up in our guidebook as being run by a couple of funky Italians. When we saw or rather smelt the room we had a much better understanding of their meaning. We then headed down the street to Lucy’s and I must say I Love Lucy! This place is absolutely fantastic. For $20 we have a room with two windows and a close view of the ocean. We opted not to go for the private bathroom for an extra $4.00 simply because of the view and the two windows that would provide a lovely fresh breeze. Lucy’s is located on the ocean, and is really quite a nice little place. It seems everybody staying here is very friendly, and it also happens to have a kitchen. Cory and Elaine immediately paid for 4 nights. There were signs of a previous bon fire, and with drift wood everywhere, Cory asked for permission to have one tonight and spread the word amongst the guests. Word spread and their was an excited air of anticipation. One fellow asked Elaine what the difference between a campfire and a bon fire was. She told him simply that a bon fire is bigger and better. Cory and Elaine and Pedro and Anna, headed into town for a meal as the Belgiums would be leaving the next morning. Mike ( a true blue Eagle Scout from Pittsburg) and Nate got the fire started and hung around Lucy’s while they went to eat. As I was listening to the conversations I kept hearing about this amazing Canadian couple. I was wondering when I was going to get to met them, and find out if they had met Cory and Elaine. It was only when they arrived back from dinner, that I felt like such a fool. It was Cory and Elaine that everyone had been talking about. I should have known that. An American couple Maria and Matt, were so inspired by Cory and Elaine’s year long trip, they decided to spend another night so they could hang out with them. Elaine and Cory shared with Maria how amazing she was because she told them about her written list of things to accomplish in her life. She was amazed when told that only 5 % of the people have their dreams written down. Just about everyone staying at Lucy’s enjoyed the bon fire, and it was really quite amazing to see all these people from all over the world join together to share a common experience. Canada, USA, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, England were all represented. It was a beautiful clear night with an awesome sky full of stars. It was quite the experience to look up and see a different sky than we are used to in Canada. As we pondered the milky way we wondered who else in the world, from some other point was looking up at the stars. So if you get the chance look up at the stars tonight, we might be looking at the same time. It was a good party, and nobody got out of hand. How could they when the older Canadian couple were chaperoning them all.

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