Bob & Linda's Alaska Trip 2009 travel blog

Summit Lake in the Stone Mtn.Range

Stone Mtn. Range

Muncho Lake-jade green water

critters of the day -- Stone Sheep

Liard Hot Springs

Hot spot along the road from wildfire

Found in the Sign Forest

The maze of signs

we ate his dust

6/17 We didn't get started until a little after 9am. Got clearance, road was open, and with overcast skies, we headed out on this 300 mile stretch of the highway. It is considered to be the most scenic. Not a fast trip, as we found ourselves going up and down and around, even had a couple of showers. Passed by beautiful lakes and rivers all with plenty of water due to the spring runoff. Mountains still have some snow but mostly gone, however that said, so have the temps in the 80's. We put light jackets on for the day. temps in the 50's. (even went into the 40's around the mountains) When we got to where the wildfire was, we saw several hot spots still smoldering. We passed without any problems. The critters of the day were the Stone Sheep, they were everywhere. We also saw Buffalo towards the end of the day. We stopped at the Liard Hot Springs, were Linda tested the water, sooo hot it hurt she said. (108 to 126 deg.)There were at least a dozen people in the water and more on their way, don't know how they did it. We were going to stay for the night, but because of a caravan the place was full. So, with no room at the inn, we moved on to Watson Lake for the night.

6/18 On our way out of town, we stopped at the Sign Post Forest, (2hrs) checking out signs from all over the country. This collection of signs was started by a lonely GI from Ohio in 1942 and they say there are over 62,000 now and growing daily. It was one big maze of signs made from everything imaginable, pie tins, frisbees, wood, saws, shoes, shirts, hats, toilet seats, cookie sheets and of course lic plates and street signs. If your town is missing one, it's probably here. We even found a sign from Old Lyme dated 6/71. Moving on down the road, we crossed the Continental Divide 7 times before arriving in Whitehorse. At the 7th crossing, there is the Continental Divide Lodge were we bought 2 of the world famous Cinnamon Buns (for $3 ea, sticky but OK). Had also planned on stopping at Mukluk Annie's in Teslin for a Salmon Bake but it was closed up tight, even had barrels at the road. Hope we get a chance to stop on the way back in Aug. We traveled over 250 miles without a critter sighting today. We found the roads a little dusty from new construction as the picture shows. Still very dry despite yesterdays showers. Today was also another jacket day, temps started in the low 60s and went down from there. currently 57deg. at 10pm, sun still shining.

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