Israel and Egypt trip 2009 travel blog

Elim of Exodus 15:27

Red Sea at the crossing

Justin in hot water

A bazookie player?

One of the Taylor's enjoyed it!

From St. Catherine's Monastery, we traveled up the Red Sea stopping by Elim. In Exodus 15:27, the Israelites stopped in Elim because of the shade and the water springs there.

We traveled to the spot that is likely the point where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. There is a cave nearby that houses a natural hot springs that Egyptian Pharoahs used for therapy. The spring runs out of the cave onto the seashore, and we stopped to feel just how hot the water was. It wasn't boiling hot, but it was uncomfortable to put your skin in. The wind was blowing very hard, and it was kicking up sand in our eyes so we didn't stay long.

We traveled across the Suez Canal, which our guide kept calling the "Swiss Canel" and we had no idea at first what she was saying. Once across the red sea we kept our eyes out for the Pyramids. Having started the day on the top of Mt. Sinai and then ended looking at the Pyramids was a really cool way to spend a day.

On our arrival at our hotel we were "serenaded" by some sort of horn player and a drummer. Some enjoyed the music more than others.

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