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This looks like we actually saw the battlefield!!! But I want to...

Dobbins House

Gettysburg Hotel

JD tells Ab the way it is!!!

For you, Rhonda!!!

We are all starting to get tried and we get moving later and later everyday!!! JD has finally had his fill of battlefields!!!! And Lindsey is on the prowl!!!!

The boys started the day by going to the diorama. It shows were the battles were and who was where for the three days of fighting. Lindsey and I stayed in the camper and got our first look at the Boy in Orange!! He was jogging shirtless and WOW!!!! Then we all made a mad dash through the Visitor Center and got stamps for JD's passport. Next we went to eat in a really cool restaurant called the Dobbin House. "An authenic colonial tavern in the oldest building in Gettysberg, built in 1776. Candlelit elegance, superior food and gracious service bring back the sight, sound and tastes of two centuries ago. Dine upstairs or in the Springhouse Tavern." It was very good! We then walked through town. Came back and had a air hockey tourament!!! Lindsey whipped us all, the first time!!! Then the kids and Dad went swimming with the boys!!! ( there are a bunch of Boy Scouts camping here and one Greek God ( aka the boy in orange))!!! After swimming Lindsey became a stalker!!! The dog has never been walked sooooo well!!! Next we did our own Ghost tour. We bought a DVD and then we found out where all of the haunts were and watched the DVD on the lap top at each of the locations. But the pics did not turn out so we are going to go back this morning!!!!

This afternoon we are heading to DC and I am worried that Andrews will not have internet. If this is the case, I will sent out a text message so that everyone will know we are still alive!!!

And for those of you that are complaining about not seeing enough of ED (Rhonda), he is usually three blocks behind us therefore he will never be in the pics but i will try.

Love and miss you all,


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