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Hello all,

I left LaFortuna this afternoon and am now in liberia. It's been a sad couple of days, besides having to say goodbye to Amber last night, then most of the rest at 6am this morning, and then the straglers that left at 10am and me at 1:30pm there's been a lot of tears. I almost ended up bringing a dog home with me, hence my broken heart. She's about a year old and so far I've been calling her Peketo Chica, little girl, she's the chihuahua cross I mentioned in my last update...she's about a year old, has a horrible underbite, and so freakin' sweet. And on our last night in town I happenned to meet Scott. He's from california and is developing an animal shelter for the dogs and cats of LaFortuna, which is why she is spayed and in such good shape. He takes care of all the street dogs and tries to find homes for them. the only reason she is not with me at right now is we couldn't figure out a way to get me and her to Liberia. getting her on a flight home was no problem but finding transportation to liberia was to difficult. It broke my heart to leave her on the street...more tears...whats making me feel slightly better is that she did have a buddy, he was a larger kinda looked like a shar pei cross, but they were best buddies so I was feeling a little guilty about maybe spliting them up, and then I know Scott will continue to take care of her. Talking with Alonzo (my group leader) he says people adopt the pets all the time here and take them home. Maybe I'll have to plan another trip just to come get her. (Mom I can just see you cringing!lol!)

So had a very cool hostel booked for tonight, it's an old elementary school that's been changed into a hostel but when I got there they had given away all the rooms! I was so not happy but the owner felt bad so she called around to get me another room. I'm at the hotel accross the street, no where near as much character but it's got a pool and hot water! Both I haven't seen this trip! The only downside is that it's more expensive, only by $10, but still!

I think there's something missing from my life and I need to try and figure out what it is...almost every trip I go on coming home makes me so very, very sad. Borderline depressed I think. I have no desire whatsoever to come back and it makes me very sad that I am. Costa Rica doesn't give me the same feeling as Africa, not even close to that feeling, but I feel very at peace here. I think I could easily adapt to this lifestyle, there is very little poverty here, most people are middle income compared to other latin american countries where there is a huge gap between loww income people and the high income people with no inbetween. There education system is one of the best, the literacy rate is close to 90%, and there health care is amazing, it's free for everyone, you only have 9% taken off your pay cheque for everything...and the country is beautiful.

Okay, enough of me being sad...my flight leaves tomorrow at 12:20pm and I should arrive in Vancouver at midnight. I'll call sometime on monday.

Love you all,


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