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I made it to San Jose with no problems last night. What an incredibly beautiful country to drive thru, although I would definately not recommend driving on your own! The roads are small and windy and because you are going thru mountains, long hard climbs and long down slopes. I think San Jose is the worst place in the world for driving! Almost all the streets are one way streets so you literally have to make 3 turns to get going in the direction you want to go in! It's crazy! But the driver from Interbus shuttle was fantastic, and the ride was very comfortable.

This hotel is definately not anywhere I would have stayed on my own, I'm a little surprised GAP uses it as it's in the old, seedy part of town! My driver, Minor, last night called it the Red district...hmm...glad we are only here for the one night. Met almost everyone last night. Alonzo is our group leader - he's costarican, Amber in my roommate from Toronto, Salim is from Vancouver - very nice guy, goodlooking to!, Betty is an older mother of 4 who's never done anything in her life and jumped into this trip, she's from Massachuets(sp?), Ethan and ??(girl) from England - both 18yrs, another girl from England Amy, again 18yrs really sweet, Corin and her son (?) from Swizerland, and the rest I haven't met yet. So far a great group!

Amber, my roommate, has been in San Jose the past week and she went out with friends last night before we leave this morning...she did say it would be a very late night but she didn't come "home" last night so I'm a little worried. I know she's a big girl but we leave in 1 hour! I'm off to find Alonzo just to let him know. Then off to breakfast before we take off for the TURTLES!! YAY!!

Love you!

Tracey xoxo

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