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This is my first entry! Hmmm, thought I already entered this but I seem to have lost it so here I go again! I am almost certain I over packed but couldn't stop myself! It was a very stressful night! I packed the original bag, went to bed at midnight...got up an hour later, unpacked and downsized the contents, then repacked into a smaller bag. It did fit everything but barely...went back to bed...got up a short time later because it occurred to me I might want to bring stuff home with me and I'd have no room in the current bag! Unpacked and packed Tanya's travel backpack...lots of room left and it had tons of ties and straps all over the place that I could put more stuff. Went to bed thinking it's really big and all the straps and ties are annoying...got up a few hours later because I was thinking that the first bag I packed is sturdier, about the same size as the back pack with no outside straps and ties hanging all over the place, is on wheels, and has extra space to bring stuff home. SOOOO, unpacked the backpack and repacked the first bag! Crazy I know!! It's no wonder I woke up with an awful headache this morning and it's making me mad cause I haven't been able to shake it yet! Only 9 more hours until I get on the plane! Once I'm on the plane anything I've forgotten I'll have to get there or do without!! Chat with you tomorrow. Love you very much! T.

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