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Local horse shoe at the festival

Poles competition

Community building


Area Finnish folk singers


As we cross this beautiful country of ours, by chance, we are fortunate enough to have a glimpse into our origins. Previously mentioned, this area was settled by persons of eastern European and northern Scandinavian descent. The most impressive were the breads and the handwork of the ladies. Both exhibited a professional quality. In fact, there was a sample table. Modesty kept us from gorging on this table. Basic foods are meat pies called pasties, smoked fish, breads, and a few sweets. Boot throwing, axe carving, and the horse show were entertaining as well. I am taken back to fond memories of Amy's horse riding/show days. So watching the 4-H horse show was nostalgic for me. Horses are beautiful animals. I wish I had some kind of ability besides mucking a stall! Even in my career I was known for my "mucking" talents-need a barium enema anyone? Well, now that's pretty sick isn't it? The best part of the day was the peoples' pride in their heritage. We live in a country where we have that freedom; however, it seems the metropolitan areas are not as accepting of anyone celebrating their heritage. Just an opinion-I guess that's why we have shyed away from the "militant" and stuck with the grass roots portions of America. Coming to Ely has been refreshing seeing young/old, rich/middle/lesser, coming together to enjoy their hobbies. Fishing season is not taken lightly! When the day is done, those fisher persons in the park return with their catch, cook it over an open fire, take some home for smoking, etc. For that matter the paddling experience is much more than just floating off. Guide services offer as little or as much as one needs. Sunday was cleaning/laundry day. We're ready to continue on along the North shore of Lake Superior.

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