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Cutler - Dohahue Bridge in the park beside the campground

Most of the bridges have been relocated to preserve them

One of two bridges with a peaked roof. They were covered to...

Cutler-Donahue nameplate

Cutler from an angle - notice the ventilation along the top

Incredible mortised structure. Also note the original wood pegs

Stone bridge featured in the movie - Also in the park by...

Close-up of the stone bridge

The arch extends into the walkway. I guess it was not used...

English maze in the city park

The Imes bridge near St. Charles

Another of the two peaked roof bridges. This one was also relocated...

Name plate

The Imes bridge is the only one with painted interior structure

Close-up of Imes structure. The beams are massive.

Only five of the original 13 odd bridges remain

This morning, we saw the last two remaining covered bridges in Madison County, IA. Then we got on the road. Today's iternary was I-35 to Kansas City, KS, I-70 to Topeka, KS, I-35 to Wichata, KS then open access four lane and two lane road from Wichata to Liberal, KS. We didn't plan to spend a night in Liberal but we just ran out of miles to run and energy to continue. It's now 1 AM CDT and we're whooped.

The only thing that got us this far was a late afternoon nap and lunch. Right now, we're in the Wal-Mart parking lot. The trailer is facing due east. The wind has picked up and we have 22-25 MPH sustained south winds with gusts to 35-40 MPH. We're rocking & rolling but I think we'll be OK. I need to find out how much wind it takes to turn a HitchHiker over.

The truck and trailer are doing fine - both are being worked hard but they're in their element - doing what they were designed to do.

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