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Survival of the fittest

in front of a tavern

float plane

on eagles wings bench

Blue Herons

Starting Logs

First Place from Japan

2nd Place from Oregon

3rd Place from Wales UK.

4th Place from BC.

Start of 1hour carvings

6/11-6/14, We have spent the last 4 days watching 12 carvers sculpt their art with chainsaws. They came from all over BC, US, UK and even Japan (by invitation only). They were each paid $1000 to come, local restaurants fed them and Motels put them up. Their carvings will join over 60 other carvings located in various places around town from previous competitions. The first annual was in 2005 with 7 carvers and there have been 12 carvers each year since. They each were given a 7' high by 3 to 4' in diameter cedar log to work with. The carvings are becoming more intricate each year, with details so fine it is hard to believe that they were created with a chainsaw (all sizes were used). The winners were all within 1 point of each other, a real close call. 1st place received $5000, 2nd-$3000, 3rd-$2000 and 4th-$1000. After the competition part was over and while the carvings were being judged, the carvers all had 1hr to complete a much smaller piece that would be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the carver. They made everything from cowboy, eagle, rabbit, bears, fish to the man in the moon and benchs. The pieces were quickly auctioned from $250 to $1700.(and they say were in a recession). Quite an interesting weekend.

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