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Kraig, Jana, Dan & Bev

Aunt Betty & Uncle Bill

Kourtney and Kameron with their Grandpa

Marilyn and Betty visit with Jana

Dan & Bev (Sorry we caught Dan with a mouthfull of fish)

Bev, Dan, Kameron, Kraig, Kourtney, Betty, Bill, Jana and Ed

We went to bed early last night and I fell asleep by 9:30 PM. I slept soundly until 5:00 this morning, when I awoke, nicely rested. I lay there thinking that maybe I could go back to sleep but that was not to be, so I got up about 5:15 and checked the computer for e-mail and the blogs of friends.

Around 7:00 I started to put the coffee on but discovered that someone (That would be Me) forgot to clean the coffee pot yesterday.

It took about 10 minutes to get things cleaned and put back together, so that I could add the beans and the water for a fresh pot of coffee.

The familiar sound of a Jet taking off woke up Marilyn who greeted me with the warmth of a loving comment, “It sure is hard to sleep around here”. LOL

She did get up though, and sat drinking coffee with me while we discussed the day ahead.

Once the coffee pot was empty, we began the process of getting ready to drive north to Kahoka, MO, to pick up my aunt and uncle, Bill & Betty Fry, and a cousin of mine, Bev and her husband, Danny.

We then drove about 16 miles west to the Catfish Place, visiting as we drove along.

At the Catfish Place we all enjoyed the buffet and especially the fresh, hot catfish. Yummy!!

Shortly after arriving we were surprised to see another cousin, Jana, her husband Kraig, and their two fine kids, Kameron and Kourtney. After sharing big hugs they slid another table over to join ours and the group grew larger.

Before we finished our meal, the daughter of another cousin arrived and Sherry, with her husband, Joel, also received big hugs from us.

We took a few pictures during and after the wonderful meal, and I will share some of them with you.

We said goodbye to the family from Iowa who drove down to join us, and left for the drive back to Kahoka.

Every one of the relatives asked about Jennifer and we explained that she, Steve and Colby were spending the day together today.

We have had many wonderful shared family times at the “Catfish Place”, and it was nice to see it again and to share the day with our family. A day of hugs, laughter, good food and another memory stored away.

After we dropped the relatives off in Kahoka, Marilyn and I stopped on the way home for a lemon ice cream, but were shocked to learn that they had no lemon today. They offered vanilla, chocolate, banana and peanut-butter flavors instead. Marilyn chose vanilla and I opted for banana, but both of us would have preferred the lemon.

Back at our own little home on wheels, an hour and 15 minutes later, we relaxed and watched some golf on TV. Marilyn is feeling better today, but she ran out of steam pretty early and was quiet most of the way home.

Marilyn changed into her PJ's and we put some leftovers in the microwave for a quick dinner. We heard a horn beep and looked out the window to see Steve, Jennifer and Colby driving in. Wonderful! The food could wait.

Marilyn quickly changed back into her clothing and we sat outdoors on the patio with the kids.

We watched Colby play as we visited with the kids. It was nice to see them and we enjoyed a good, relaxed visit.

That was the perfect ending to a really nice day!

It has been a wonderful day and we are now ready for whatever tomorrow has in store…..

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