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Veyrier 2

Marbies apartment

Dutch 20 years later



Picnic under the Magnolia

Evening at Dutch's

Oooh la la !!!! Cockadoodle doo, it's 5:00 AM and we jump out of bed to the sound of the neighbors rooster crowing and the hens clucking. Yes, as I said, we are in the country.

We're up and enjoying breakfast in our beautiful little cottage.

Today is the big reunion at Dutch's place in Veyrier.

Veyrier is a lovely little village just outside of Geneva.

Dutch and friends throw a lovely party in Marbies behalf. Old friends tread in and out all day long. It's delightful to watch the interaction of Marbs and old friends. It's fun for me to meet new people and partake in this beautiful wine and food fest of fresh salads from Dutch's garden, bread, chacutterie, frommage, fruit and wine. The food and wine flowed all day long and into the evening when we had to move inside Dutch's place for dinner as it began to rain. The rain moved on, the sun came out and we were able to capture a lovely Swiss rainbow. The light was so beautiful that evening after the rain . . . .

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