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It was 7:00 AM when I awoke from a great night of sleep. Marilyn awoke a few minutes later, but stayed in bed while I got up and put the coffee on.

Marilyn did find her way out of bed and down to the living room to have a cup of coffee with me. She says she is a little better than she was yesterday, but she has remained in her PJ’s all day and mostly stays in bed, venturing to her recliner once in a while, to sit covered with a blanket, watching TV.

I had several projects to take care of today.

With the changeover to digital TV, the signal from our Channel 7-1 and 7-2 is much weaker. That, combined with the fact that we are located down in a hollow, with large hills between us and the TV transmission tower, made it impossible to get the signal. The other channels were all OK, so I made a trip into town to pick up a digital antenna with an amplifier.

I installed that today and everything works great!

I also picked up a paper shredder so that will make it easier to keep the paper from piling up around the RV. We have really managed to cut down on the amount of mail and paper stuff we receive, but we don’t want to throw away papers which have our SS numbers or financial information on it. The shredder is the answer for us. Now, Marilyn will be happy to have “cleaner drawers”. No jokes please!

We finished off the leftover soup today for lunch, and then we did the dishes together.

That was enough activity for Marilyn and she quickly retreated to her recliner while I put the dishes away.

I promised to fix grilled cheese for dinner, but Marilyn settled for some popcorn, which felt good on her throat, she said.

Molly Pinner called in the afternoon, returning a call we had made several days earlier. Bob & Molly are nice folks and we are sorry we weren't able to get together with them while they were in the area.

We had a phone call from Jack & Marge, friends from our first winter in the RGV. They needed help with their converter box for digital TV. I don’t know if I helped them or not because it is difficult to analyze things over the phone. It sounded as if they had things connected the proper way and did the scan for digital channels. Hope things turn out OK for them.

Marilyn finally went back upstairs to take her shower. I asked her if she felt better but she said “No” so we’ll just wait another day.

Perhaps another easy evening and a good night of sleep will help.

Remember, our troubles are small compared to the challenges faced by some of our friends.

We ask for your continued prayers for Dave and Dan, and their families.

So, to all of our friends and family, I’ll end this journal entry by sending you each and every one, a cyber hug, and a whispered prayer that you will each find happiness and joy in the love of one another.

May God bless you!

Until tomorrow……..

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