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Peniche surf camp was in a great location, only a one minute walk from the beach . We arrived in Peniche on Sunday afternoon and started our surf lessons the next morning. We decided to only take 3 days lessons after all and thought we would add more later if we still wanted more. The surf camp was intense, three days proved to be enough.

On our 1st day of surf camp the waves were huge! I was getting whipped around like a rag doll and have to admit some of the time when I would catch a wave in I was a little scared to head back out through the break. I was pretty beaten up after day, my shoulder was sore, my stomach was sore and I felt my age. Mark was super sweet and ran out to the drug store to get me Tylenol for my aches and pains. The surfing lessons started promptly at 10am every morning and went for at least 2 hours, followed by a 2 hour lunch break on the beach and then continued later afterwards with at least another 2 hours of surf lessons. It was more like 3 and 3 though with 1.5 hour break in between. The camp was intense, unlike when we took lessons last time and the goal was to merely have fun and maybe pick up a trick or two this camp was all about technique, technique and more technique. We started each session with drills of running, stretching and light aerobics, during our classes they video taped us so we could review our errors after the lessons and learn from them. Mark and I began to refer to the video critiquing as “video torture” .

The next 2 days of waves were much smaller and actually harder to surf then the 1st, but we had a blast trying.

The surf camp had about 20 people from all different regions of the world and of such huge variety of ages. The surf camp arranged outings almost every night that everyone, including the older guys went out on except us. After a full day of surfing and sunshine, the last thing Mark and I wanted to do was begin our night with dinner at 9pm and be out 3am. We kept making excuses for not going out with everyone, like were married, and ouch still sore from the surf and sorry a bit of a headache not tonight. We just didn’t feel like doing anything, we were in bed every night by 10 pm.

If this surf trip had been the beginning of our trip we would have been whooping it up with the rest of the bunch,, but nearly 7 weeks in we were fried.

Peniche was a beautiful city, a bit of a outdoor Mecca with its world class surfing, wind surfing, biking, kayaking and temperate weather. I would go back to this area in a heart beat! The Portuguese people were so nice, everyone spoke English and the prices were cheap. It was a long haul to get here but well worth it. I think this was my favorite destination of all. Mark still liked Germany the best.



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