Grand National Rally 2009 travel blog


We are finally on the road. I am going by way of Damascus, because there is a Safeway gas station that usually has cheap gas. The RV is about have empty and the pickup has about 1/4 tank of gas left. Fuel is $2.639 /Gal. So I am following this itty bitty Ford Taurs. Traffic is pretty heavy. I check my mirrors when Cathy yells STOP! STOP! STOP! The Taurs is stopped in front of me with no brake lights or turn signals and WHAM!!! My front cap is smashed. The elderly couple in the Taurs seem to be OK but shaken. A sheriff deputy comes along to get the vita. Afterwards, duct tape in hand, the front end is back together. The lights and turn signal work. I pulled the grill off and a couple of other metal pieces.

I limp up Mt. Hood Hwy and decide to boondock at the Frog Lake parking lot. I will decide what to do once I get to Prineville. Looks like another 60 mile day today.

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