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First Fire Truck to Arrive at 9/11

Helmut donated the number indicates how many firefighters died

Quilts made for lost loved ones

Tunnel that trailer was too large to go through

Flame burns eternal for war veterans

Memorial for women who have served


Fountains in park

View of Albany from Observation deck

Hudson River in background

Sculpture made out of hubcaps

Firefighters Memorial

County Court House

Today we went into the state capitol of New York, Albany. We had to get our phone fixed and Brian needed to be fitted for a Tux for Gary & Michelle’s wedding. Once we got all that done we headed into downtown and went to the New York State Museum.

The museum is huge we spent two hours and only saw ½ of tit. The museum is four floors and there is so much to even tell you about most of it. The one part of the museum that really affected us was the World Trade Center. They had a fire truck from the Sixth Fire Station which was the first station to respond to 9/11 there was only one survivor from that first truck and they had a film of him talking about what they saw when they arrived and how he survived.

They had a lot of items that had been found while cleaning the area it was so sad it’s funny how we go on with our days and it seems like that day was so far ago but as we saw this we realized that we’re sure a lot of those families are still living with their loss. They had quilts on display that families had made with their loved ones they lost on them also lost of huge cards of thanks to the fire, police and other people who helped that day.

Another section of the museum had how the majority of immigrants came to New York and how they had to stay in quarantine they had a lot of interviews from Holocaust survivors and pictures it was just tremendous what they had to go through. Anyways that is just a small part of the museum. It was getting towards rush hour so we thought we better head back to the campground. We’re going to come back into town tomorrow to see the Vietnam Memorial and the state buildings.

Tonight were just relaxing it is quite cold out and feels damp from the rain. One of these days we might hit good weather or else we’ll just have to wait till we get to Florida. We’re still without Internet and I guess we’ll head off to town early tomorrow and have a coffee at Starbucks and get the internet there.

Thursday, June 11

We went into Albany today and walked all around the downtown area. It is really nice they have in the center of town a huge park which has a lot of memorials around it for Fire Fighters, Vietnam Vets they have water fountains and lots of places to sit. We bought lunch from one of many vendors on the street and sat and had lunch a lot of people from the offices that surround the park come here . The buildings are beautiful they have really restored a lot of the old buildings from the 1800’s. It was really neat to see a lot of old brownstone’s completely restored.

We walked down and along the Hudson River very nice area down there as well. The Hudson seemed to be a very busy river lot of businesses along the riverfront. We went up in one of the downtown towers to see the view of the city. I’ll tell you to get up to the observation deck we had to go to security show our identification and then they took our pictures and gave us these passes and you could only walk down one walk way and up one certain elevator very tight security. To tell you the truth we still don’t know what was in the building other than the observation deck.

I have to say with all the walking we are doing I still can’t believe how tired we get. We headed back to the park in the late afternoon and that was an experience in itself. Everywhere you go in this area you have to get on a toll. Well you get a toll ticket drive a little ways down the freeway then you hit a toll where you pay then you go a little further then you hit another toll. Well anyways once you go through these tolls you have about 7 lanes going 7 different ways so you might be in lane 1 but need to get over to where lane 7 is to take your exit well let’s just say I missed my exit twice by the time we re-routed and came around we had to go through the same toll twice and the stupid thing is I got the same guy each time the second time through he looked at me funny so I just said I got lost. Let’s just say I frustrated not only myself but Brian and Nancy (GPS).

Anyways we did finally make it back just in time it started to pour and it never stopped all night.

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