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The main power comes in here

Goes htrough this conduit

To that post back there

The new drinage trench

The work behind us


Marilyn went to bed as soon as Jennifer and Colby left for home last night. She was pretty well loaded up on medication so she slept good all night. That allowed me to sleep well also.

I awoke at the usual 4:45 AM but was well rested. I hoped that Marilyn would be much better and we could keep Colby but that was not to be.

Marilyn has been in bed all day today. She has been up long enough to fix a sandwich and then went back to bed after eating her “lunch”.

We have plenty of the soup I made yesterday, left over, but she wanted something else. I offered to fix lunch for her but she waited until I left for my appointment and then she got up long enough to fix her own lunch.

As I write this, she is in the bedroom coughing, and doesn’t sound much better, despite being in bed all day.

I took care of a few things on the “to-do” list and went to the Chiropractor this afternoon. Man, he worked me over again. He and I agree that I am getting better, but I have a ways to go to be back to normal. The real test is to see how I am once the soreness from the treatment leaves.

OK, that’s enough!

One of the neat things about Rvers is that you rarely hear anyone talking about their aches and pains. They are usually too busy having fun, to complain about things. That is why you would normally see Rvers smiling or laughing in any pictures that are taken.

Hey, I want you to know that the utility company showed up today and ran a drop to a meter for us. The electric company also ran the conduit and wire for the new boxes in the three sites up front. We didn’t lose our power even once today. Whoopee!

Jamie, Chuck and Jeff have been working hard to get things done around here, and they have done good work. I took a few pictures today.

The trench in front of and beside our rig has been filled in now.

That is a good thing because we are supposed to have rain for the next six consecutive days.

Jim & Linda called this afternoon. They are on their way to Mountaindale RV Resort and will be our neighbor while we are there in July and August.

Jim & Linda will be in Wichita next Thursday so I am going to contact an old friend there to see if he would give a tour of our training facility to Jim & Linda.

I just spoke with Tim Thorpe and he says he will be happy to give Jim & Linda a tour of Flight Safety facilities.

It was good to talk with Tim. He attended the RV-Dreams rally in Branson last June and parked next door to us, which was good.

He remembers Kit & Jerry, Jesse & Ginger, Jenny J. and other good folks who attended last year. Tim is planning to attend the rally in Kerrville this coming October. Unfortunately for us, we cannot make that one. The timing just isn’t right for us.

So, I think with that all said, I’ll sit here with Hon and watch some TV for awhile.

I hope that we both sleep as well tonight as we did last night.

Tomorrow is another day and we’ll look forward to whatever adventures that day might have in store…..

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