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Jim and Peg

Bill, do you think you can make one of these

Me and cousins from L'vile - Mary Rosso and Susie (Slack) Darrah

Quarry St - Lambertville - the house my father grew up in

Tuesday (6/9)

After a lovely breakfast with Joe and Patty, we head south again.

Since we stopped in St. Clair yesterday, we decided to stop in Lambertville, NJ (the town my Dad was born in) on the chance that his cousin (Mary Rosso) would be home.

I'm so glad we did...she was very surprised to see me - happily so. We had a great talk. She also called my cousin Suzie (who lives around the corner) to come over. Mary is a great lady and I have so many wonderful memories of all our "shore" vacations at Lavalette. I also found out that her daughter (my cousin - Mary Kay) was living in Tampa and since we're headed that way, I got phone numbers and we arranged to meet for dinner - so looking forward to that meeting - it's only been about ???30 years??.

Our visit was too short but we were heading to DC to stay with Peg...so we're off again!!

It rained most of our trip to VA but fortunaly it stopped Wednesday - Peg took off work and we went out to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's Home) - it just lovely and huge and it was hot and humid but enjoyable.

A stop a Southside on the way home made for an early dinner since...yes... off again tomorrow am!!!

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