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I was up at 5:00 AM today, to have some coffee before meeting Jennifer and Colby. Marilyn is still under the weather and I suggested she stay in bed until 7:00 when I would be back with Colby.

That suggestion was all she needed. She slept while I quietly sipped some coffee and closed the door softly as I left.

It rained hard once again during the night. One of the guys said we had an inch and a half of rain.

Despite the rain and wet grounds, the guy was here with the backhoe again today. Still digging a trench to bury some drain pipe to get the water runoff away from the buildings. So……

Yep! Once again he cut through some power lines and our power is off for the fourth or fifth time since they began this little project.

It is a good thing that our fridge is both gas and electric.

Colby has been fascinated by the machinery and sits on my lap watching for a long time. He waves at Chuck when he has the tractor bucket full of rock and comes near our RV to dump the rock.

I made a run to Wal-Mart today and stopped by the toy section to find a backhoe toy for Colby. It makes all of the normal sounds that a real machine would make and he played with it a lot today, when the activity slowed down outside.

Marilyn took a nap when Colby took his nap today, and I made a kettle of beef vegetable soup for dinner. Today has been a cool, gray, overcast day and soup sounded good.

Marilyn is taking more Z-Pac and trying to get well. Neither of us is sleeping well and her progress toward getting well has reversed course. I am still chugging along, as normal, with nothing but my back and hips giving me any trouble. That is all getting better, too, and it is only at night that I feel any pain.

Our troubles are small though. We had an e-mail from Gordon & Juanita today. One of our mutual friends from Llano Grande has discovered that he has cancer. So, once again, I humbly request that you include Dan & Jan in your prayers. Dan has cancer and is undergoing treatment. Please keep both of these good people in your prayers. They are two more friends from Canada, who are special to us.

Dan likes to talk “airplanes” with me and sends me some neat forwards related to aviation.

God bless you Dan!

Our electric power has been restored once again and all is well. Now if the trenches were all filled in, we would be confident of getting out of here and back on the road on June 27th.

We have plans to visit with relatives and friends that we have not seen since returning to Hannibal. We have many items on our “to-do” list to accomplish before we leave, also.

We make Jennifer and Colby our number one priority while we are here and our friends understand that, but we have relatives that we seldom see and we plan to visit them, once again on a day when Jennifer is not working.

It gets a bit hectic sometimes but it is worth it to have this time with Jen & Colby. It is all part of being parents and grandparents.

We love them so much!

So, right now we just need to get Marilyn well, and keep our friends and relatives in prayer.

I’ll close this right now and sit back to relax for awhile. Tomorrow is another day and we just can’t wait to see what that day has in store…..

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