Entering Ephesus

Looking N. Over the Theater - The Road Ctr.Bkgrd. Leads to "Harbor"

A Jap Snap in Front of Ephesus Library

Ephesus Library

View of Agora - Music, Public Mtg. Place - Far Lt., Market...

Entry Arch to........

"Main Street"

"Okay, How Come You Got a Whole Body?"

Ephesus, From the Top

Arch Tells the Story of How Ephesus Came to Be in This...

Restored Mosaic Courtyard

Artemus Temple - Ponds - One of 7 Wonders of Ancient World?

Artemus Temple With Bon

Seven Sleepers - Making Traditional "Pancakes"

Theatre Looking at Market Place Beyond in Ephesus

We went hiking in the am for the last time in Goreme to see a very well preserved cave church with old frescos - only in red paint - and hiked thru a very narrow(width of our bodies many times) canyon/tunnel/channel for about 1-2 k. and then back to the hotel...Caught the bus to Konya where Mari went to see the museum of Rumi, the fellow in the 12th century who was an Anatolian philosopher, poet, and father of the Mevlevi sect(the whirling dervish faction of Islam). He was a logician and mystic who viewed Muslims,Christians, and Jews alike. Also, his doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance,positive reasoning,goodness, charity and awareness through love!

We caught the 11 pm bus out to Selcuk on the Mediterranian where Ephesus ruins are. We got here at 7:30 am and now are set up in the Australian New Zealand Hotel!

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