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Whew!! that was a long break! finally we have good (quasi cheap) internet access again and most of all - time. while mike is making dinner i will attempt to reconstruct a whole lotta stuff....

Well, we last left you sliding down the rock face of machu picchu...After taking more pictures we had to then descend Wuyanu Picchu...as steep as it was going up, it was going down. we went veeery slowly (and got even dirtier). Once at the bottom we finished up looking at Machhu Picchu (the lower part) and finished with the upper portion where they have the Temple of the Sun and where the priests used to live. Absolutely gorgeous:) and I feel that I did Nancy Drew proud (hehe). We decided to head out at around 2ish (if i remember correctly its because mike once again miscalculated the amount of water he could drink...) and I got the tickets to go back down. Or at least attempted. In peru they have this "policy" where they won´t accept US money with ANY rip in it...even miniscule. So far 45 of my US dollars has been regected. Made our way back down and had a bit of time to wander around before our train back. Deciding we were hungry and had no real food, we decided to try to find a supermarket. crazilly, prior to this all that we could find were conveinance stores and no one seemed to know where a supermarket was...which is silly...there had to be one! After walking back and forth across the town (knowing directions in spanish is exceedingly important while in a spanish speaking city) we stumbled across one. Mike got some spagetti (which he is making for his dinner - some week and a half later!) which was quite interesting becuase we had to figure out how to say that in spanish...apparently it is "ay-spagett" or something like that soundy wise. Alas we had no money left to get 1 tomato.

We left the supermarcado and made our way to the train. We met up with the calgary couple and Tom again and then split up to our carriages. Unfortunately we were going back at night time and it was a very very loooong trip. Of course mike fell asleep almost immediately while i played knee hockey with the guy across from me and attempted to use mike as a pillow. We finally got back to Cusco around 9 and got a taxi to our new hostel - Loki Backpackers Hostel. Mike was actually quite ingenious - so the taxi we got didn´t have the yellow/black pattern so we started backing away. The guy showed us his ID and that he had a valid taxi liscence. Seeing airport on his ID we figured he was one of the special airport taxis that more look just like regular cars. In any event, mike took his cell phone and in a very obvious way wrote down the liscence plate and phoned loki VERY loudly, giving them the plate number and our ETA...taxi guy was fine and on arriving at the hostel i found out mike had only PRETENDED to call - hehehe. he wasn~t getting cell phone service, but the important part was making the driver think we did:P

Well, for those of you who know me know that when i get sleepy i get a tad grumpy...so imagine me being super tired and pulling up to a HUGE hostel where people are partying, dancing, and playing guitars in corners...yes...So we hung out for a bit and then i decided to go to bed. Loki was my first BIG coed dorm experience...it was interesting. i slept in my reg clothes and got woken up everytime someone came in the door...boo! alas, big dorms are also waaay cheaper, so...we slept, all was good. The next day we would be heading for the start of our amazon adventure...

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