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So we made it to Ios safe and sound and guess what, it is even hotter than Santorini. I am pretty sure we are sitting around the 34/35 mark. Our only saving grace is that our hotel is across the street from the Ocean so we are getting some of the wind coming off and so things are completely unbearable.

We arrived yesterday Fresh Off the Boat and thankfully found our respected hotel bus quite quickly. The hotel we are staying at is the Far Out Club and we are staying at the village. When Lauren and I checked in yesterday we were under the impression that we were staying at the fancy hotel with the spa etc bc when you look at the website it provides you with the option for the Village or Camping...we didnt realize that at the top was the link for the could imagine our surprise when we found out. The rooms are actually really nice and you do have linen and towels and shampoo included which is great. Something that isnt included which is not listed anywhere is the AC...all rooms have AC in them but you have to pay 5 Euro per day for the controls, bit of a rip off. Here is how everything went yesterday...walk into our room that is covered in bugs...the bathroom is disgusting and the toilet barely flushes, you arent able to flush any toilet paper down (this is quite common for most Greek washrooms, not a big fan of it), and to top it off our room smells like a skunk. We were trying to look on the bright side and think ok we have AC at least but how do we turn it on? After a lovely ring to reception we get the news that we have to pay for our bright side is losing some luster. What is the logical thing to do? Well lets look at our reservation online to figure out what we booked. No where can we find anything that says AC is extra. So things kind of continue to go downhill like this. We find out that we can upgrade to the hotel and spa tomorrow and that we can wait to book it tomorrow, so we figure that we can handle it for the night and then move tomorrow. Tomorrow comes (today) and we try and upgrade but all the rooms have now been booked..ah not going well. Thankfully we explained the room to the reception and they moved us to a lovely little suite that is really clean and nice and smells like a hotel room should. All is all things have panned out.

We also ran into the busabout folks again and ended up going into town with them last night...had fun but paid for it today. I am just happy that i am able to sit pool or beach side during the mornings after. I have not gotten burnt yet and still have my fingers crossed.

Talk to you all later...and if I havent mentioned it already, Greek food is AMAZING.

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