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June 2, 2009 Outer Banks, NC

0830(8:30 A.M) left Asheville, NC traveling to Elizabeth City, NC to Coast Guard base to set up camper.

1730 (5:30 P.M) Arrived at Elizabeth City. Went to the small beach are at base and played in the water. The water here is the color of coffee. I think it is due to being runoff of the surrounding marshes. Fixed and ate supper. I went to bed early and the rest of the family sat outside under the cool breeze.

June 3, 2009 Outer Banks, NC

0730 awoke to the smells of breakfast. Daily clean up and hygiene. 0915 left for Kitty Hawk, NC to see the Wright Brothers Memorial/Museum. Arrived and JD decided that since they did not have the original airplane and we will see it in Washington DC we went to the Elizabethan Gardens instead.

What a beautiful garden path to enjoy nature. We then proceeded to the Roanoke Island Festival park for some hands on fun and a play called “Queen Elizabeth and the Bloody Mary” it was a comedy.

Afternoon was spent on the beach of Nags Head. At 2000 (8:00 P.M.) we went to the play ‘the Lost Colony” this is the longest running outdoor play in America. What an intriguing conglomeration of Set and Costume.

The play ended at 2300 (11:00 P.M.) and we were back at the house at 1215 (12:15 A.M.)

June4, 2009 Travel to Ft. Story, VA.

Slept in then ate breakfast, broke camp then traveled to Ft. Story it began to rain just after we set up camp. JD and I went to find Tuna steaks. JD found the Tuna and we went home to have Blackened Tuna. It was excellent. Lindsey had the biggest piece. We watched movies as it continued to rain.

June5, 2009 Ft. Story Beach Day.

Began the day with rain and ended the night with rain. Still went to the beach. At 1830-1000 JD and I went to a dinner for the Battle of Midway and were able to actually put our hands on some of the WW2 aircraft and meet a few of the WW2 Pilots and listen to stories. What a wonderful bunch of fellows.

Carol and Lindsey spent the evening at the Beach Street USA and watched people Lindsey said that his is also known as Boy Lane.

June6, 2009 Travel day to Absecon, NJ

Left Ft. Story at 1100 and took our time to get on the Lewes-May ferry. The ferry ride took 90 minutes. Upon arrival to Cape May we proceeded to Absecon, NJ. Arrived at 2300 and set up camp followed by washing clothes. What a long day.

June7, 2009 Atlantic City/Wildwood Boardwalks

Went to Atlantic City and drove around. The area was dirty and the people were scary so we went south to Cape May. Took our lunch in a cemetery. The atmosphere was nice and the occupants did not seem to mind us being there. Spent some time on the beach at Cape May. The water was cold and the sand was coarse. Went home and watched JAWS followed by The Poseidon Adventure.

June8, 2009 Travel to Philly

Woke up around 1000 ate breakfast and strolled to Philadelphia. Arrived at 1500. The roadways are rough, the buildings are unique, and the Smog is thick. Set up camp about 40 North of Philly in Quakertown. Talked about going into Philly but decided to stay and chill. Watched National Treasure to get ready for tomorrow. Lindsey caught up on Facebook.

June9, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Went into Philly, saw Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, nd the federal Bank saw a $100,000 Bill with Woodrow Wilson on it. They would not let us have any to take home. Was able to buy Two quarters for Guam. Caught an early tram back home.

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