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Today was a fine day, mostly.

I awoke before Marilyn and tried to be really quiet getting out of bed, so as not to disturb her.

Once I heard her stirring around, I got out of the recliner and started the coffee.

When Marilyn heard the “Jet taking off” sound she looked in at me and said, “I guess that is my signal to get up”. Yeah, I guess so!

We were busy once the coffee was finished. I helped Marilyn change the linen on the bed, and went outdoors to begin waxing on the Van, while Marilyn sorted the laundry.

Carl & Linda stopped by for the “so long for now” hugs, as they departed, heading for the St Louis area.

We’ll see them in the Rio Grande Valley this winter, if we don’t see each other before that time.

I finished up with the wax and then cleaned the glass in the car, and it looks pretty nice now.

I would even have taken a picture of it, but it started raining not long after our company arrived.

Norb and Maggie dropped by to see us, and we were forced inside after a while, by the rain.

We drove into town to have dinner with these good friends, and guess what! The restaurant was closed! I am continuing to maintain my reputation for picking restaurants which are closed.

We ended up at “Fiddlesticks” and had a nice dinner, anyway.

We then exchanged goodbye hugs with Norb & Maggie, and drove back to the Campground in the steady rain.

No rain was forecast today, but I did wax the Van, and that guaranteed the liquid sunshine. LOL

I managed to post some pictures on the “face book” site today and had several messages about them. Thank all of you who wrote about the pictures. I’ll try to keep adding to that album as we go along. I’m not really good with that “face book” stuff yet but I am learning. I am not joining any groups or teams or whatever they are until I know what I’m doing. That may take awhile!

Oh, one more thing which happened today….

They are putting in a new power source to the three sites at the front of the Campground, which includes us. We lost our power three times today, and now there is this huge trench in front of and along the back side of our RV. We are stuck until this work is done. There is no way for us to get a truck hooked up, even if we needed to move.

So, with the deep trench and dirt piled up all around us, it has begun to rain and rain is in the forecast for the next couple of days. When I yelled at Chuck to tell him that we needed to leave here on the 27th of this month, he just laughed!

Oh well, we’ll live this day today, and take the rest of them one day at a time.

Tomorrow is not too late to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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