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Monday morning started out just great, we had reservations at the Bellefonte/State College KOA in Bellefonte, PA about 170 miles from Hubbard, OH. The first 100 miles went by quickly, we drove interstate 80 all the way and except for a few areas of construction the trip was going well. At lunch-time we stopped at a Ponderosa in DuBois, PA. As we walked back to the motor-home after lunch we noticed a puddle of antifreeze on the ground……and thought, damn, that can’t be good, and it wasn’t. Bob was sure that the water pump had failed. The good part of this story is that we were right in the middle of DuBois and not out on some back road. We found a Monroe Muffler and Brake right down the road from the Ponderosa and after a few phone calls Shawn, the manager, confirmed that they could get the parts and could get us back on the road in just a couple of hours. So that we wouldn’t be just sitting around waiting we unhooked the car and took it to a car wash. Some of the construction we had gone through had sprayed some kind of concrete looking stuff all over the front of the car. After that we went to a nearby mall and then to Walmart. After we had killed a couple of hours we went back to Monroe and found that things weren’t going quite as well as we had hoped. Keep in mind, our motor-home is a 1986, 23 years old and apparently the water pump on this particular model is not very conveniently located and the old one, which appeared to be original equipment, was not that easy to remove. To their credit, Shawn and the assistant manager Pace and most of the Monroe crew worked on installing the water pump until 8:30 PM, an hour and a half after the shop closed. So 7 hours and $900 later we were back on the road. It was just starting to get dark and we still had another 60 miles to go to Bellefonte. Neither of us like to travel at night and after about 5 miles on the road it started to rain. Bob pulled off at the next exit to regroup and decide what we should do.

Both of us spotted the sign of the Super 8 Motel at about the same time and it sure looked good. We could have searched for a rest area or a Walmart to stop at for the night but frankly we had had enough fun for one day and really wanted nothing more than to find some place to get some rest. As luck would have it the only non-smoking room left at the Super 8 was the Jacuzzi room, oh horrors what were we to do………hehehe. I have to tell you that after our 7 hour wait for the motor-home to be repaired that Jacuzzi felt great. This morning we continued onto Bellefonte.

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