Views of Santee Lakes



Boats for rent

Picnic areas all over the park





Paved walking areas around the lakes


Playgrounds for kids

Water sprays

One of seven lakes


Our roomy site

Snake warning, we have not see any and I hope we don't...

View from our window

Another view

Pool & Spa


One of the loops







The Grill

Boat Rentals

Office & Store

Jerry is hoping for one of these :-)

Fish cleaning


RV Storage

Camping Loop

Roomy Sites

Our site and last one!

We have been receiving a lot of e-mails asking where we are staying while in San Diego. I mentioned the name when we arrived in the May 21 post, but didn't give a lot of details.

We are staying at Santee Lakes in Santee, California, a suburb of San Diego. They have over 300 sites, all with full hook-ups. We are paying the monthly rate of $720 plus electric. I know that sounds like a lot, but not for this area. Most campgrounds for the area are in the $1,500 a month range. I am adding a link so you can see the daily rates also. We absolutely love it here. It is like an oasis from the big city, with seven lakes, tons of wildlife and nice roomy sites. We have rabbits on the trail every morning while we walk Ollie. There are more birds here than I have ever seen anywhere. It's like staying in a huge, wonderful park with all the amenities, but right outside is a Walmart, Costco and everything you need.

I am adding a lot of pictures from the area. . I will be taking more of the camping loops to add later. There are some campsites right on the lake, some have small streams running behind them with tons of ducks. We chose a huge end site with total privacy on the end so I could set up my bird feeders and look with my binoculars. :-) All we see when we look out our left windows are birds and mountains. I did see a couple of Coyotes this week too. :-)

The only problem with this campground are the ants. You have to put Comet around the tires to stop them from entering the RV. We left our broom leaning again the side of the coach one day and had a ton of them inside in minutes. :-) The Comet takes care of the problem, but make sure you cover all the areas of entrance.

Here is the direct link for more information.


Check back later for more pictures of the camping areas.

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