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The baby Killdeer

Colby helps grandma clean the Pantry

And helps Papa pull some weeds



Now for some golf!

Oops, Grandma wants my hands clean

We were keeping Colby at our place again today, so we were up early. We had our morning coffee and I had planned to take my morning shower after that, but we shared the journals of our friends around the country (Me reading aloud to Marilyn) and then it was time to drive to the hospital to meet Jennifer and Colby.

I now plan to take my morning shower after we drop Colby off at 7:30 PM.

We sure had a good time with Colby today. We had some breakfast and then took Colby for a walk. Actually, he rode in the stroller while Marilyn & I pushed.

Marilyn sent me back inside for the camera so we could get a few pictures of several Killdeers which had a nest and three baby birds near to the path we were walking. One of the birds went into the “injured bird” act.

We do have pictures to show you and I’ll get them posted tonight.

I played outdoors with Colby while Marilyn cleaned our pantry in the RV. Now we are down to about 11 things to do before we leave for Colorado in less than three weeks.

Jennifer seems to be of the opinion that since we are retired, we don’t have anything to do, and might get bored if she doesn’t keep us busy.

She and Marilyn are planning a day together tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get some items off the list while they are away. LOL

It rained this morning, and then the sun came out and made it feel steamy outdoors. We have had the A/C on most of the day.

Colby took two nice naps today and sat on Marilyn’s lap watching the PGA golf tournament. He clapped when Tiger won!

We took another long walk this evening and a mosquito bit me while I was busy watching to make sure none of them molested Colby.

Can anyone tell me what mosquitoes are good for? I think maybe God made a mistake there. Perhaps I’ll ask him about that when I talk to him again.

We met Jennifer and watched the smile light up Colby’s face when he saw his Mama.

Marilyn & I stopped at the “Subway” for an Italian BMT sandwich, to take home for our dinner.

We relaxed with our sandwich while watching some travel documentary program on TV.

By that time it was close to 9:00 PM and I was about to post this journal entry along with some pictures.

So that’s it for tonight and now we’ll have to wait for morning to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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