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Really golf-sized pieces of hail in short, fierce storm.

Noli, frantic to get to her toy stash

One arm of one of the electric windmills used in this part...

Trains here are continuous, all carrying coal

Not sure why we came this way, but saw some different, pretty parts of NE. Not many campsites, and most are connected to little motels, as this one was. Full hookup, but to say there were no ammenities would be to make believe they were part of the camping experience here. Not so in this part of the country.

Unless you count the train experience as an ammenity.

They came by, blowing through the whole town (about a half mile long, with two gas stations and two small motels...though there might be a house or two on a side road)on an average of every 2-3 minutes through most of the day. Sometimes one was coming each way (yes, there were two tracks). Later in the evening, they slowed down to about every 10-15 minutes. They were all loaded with coal from Wyoming which, we were told, was headed to Chicago. We later saw a large railroad yard in Alliance, NE.

We also watched three large semis transporting these hugh arms, which we are sure are the arms of the giant windmills we have seen through a lot of the generate electricity.

And I had my first experience of a really severe hailstorm, which only lasted about 5 min., but must have put dents in our roof. It really slammed us.

At one of our stops the next day, I heard a man describe the "baseball sized" ice. I guess the longer you talk about it, the bigger it gets...but I am sure they were golf-sized.

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