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Splicing some wires

Today was a fun day with friends, and then the power went off!

Allow me to explain.

Marilyn & I were up for the day with a cup of hot coffee, by 7:00 this morning. I did not sleep well again last night, but it is my own fault. I wanted to see if I could be comfortable without taking the Ibuprofen for pain relief. It is a carry-over from my flying days but I am very reluctant to take any medication at all, at any time, for any reason.

I knew that my muscles would be sore from the chiropractic treatment yesterday, and that was surely the case.

I tossed and turned all night and was never successful at getting comfortable. Each time I turned over, the pain woke me up.

Marilyn was right and I was wrong. She made me admit that. LOL

After our coffee this morning, I needed to make a run to Wally World to pick up a few items, including some car wax to finish the waxing of the Van.

Carl rode with me this morning and we spoke of some plans to meet Steve & Cathy for lunch, so I followed up on that once we were back at the Campground.

Cathy had been up all night working at a Relay for Cancer benefit. Carl & Linda had met Steve & Cathy down in the Rio Grande Valley last winter, so everyone already knew one another.

We picked up Carl & Linda a few minutes before 12 noon and drove to the Mark Twain Dinette to meet Steve & Cathy.

The fun and laughter began as soon as the hugs were taken care of.

We enjoyed a fine lunch with these good friends, and then drove back to the Campground.

We had the Wii set up and played the bowling game with four of us bowling at a time. The laughter was constant, and sometimes quite loud, as we drew some looks from people passing by.

We were into another game of bowling and Marilyn had thrown three strikes in a row, when suddenly, the power went out.

Chuck had been digging a holding well and broke some wires which were barely below the surface.

I thought I knew what had caused the power failure so I walked over and stopped Chuck on the tractor.

Carl is very experienced working with AC power so we all worked together to locate both ends of the wires, make sure the power was turned off, splice and tape up the wires. Power was soon restored, but Steve & Cathy went home to get some rest.

With everyone gone, Marilyn & I sat outdoors with a cold drink, just relaxing.

We will have Colby all day tomorrow so there won’t be much resting at our house. It will be all fun and games.

So, tonight we look forward to a good night of sleep and whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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