Views on the way to Julian


It was a beautiful drive

Lake Cayamaca





We saw a lot of farms

I loved this one high on the hill

They had a lot of horses

Another view

Entering Julian


The Bank

Another view


Land Office


Rong Branch

Candied Apple Bakery

Miner's Diner

Our choice for apple pie

Another view

Our choice, it was hard to choose :-)

A lot to choose from


We were good and shared a slice :-) Half the calories!

Back to the shops

One of the Bed & Breakfast Inns in town

A stop at the Birdwatcher

A cool store!!

Everything is about birds, my kind of store :-)


Look at the size of these feeders :-)

I loved the the walls with all the bird paintings

Another view

One more

On the way home we saw this great store

Another view

We saw some rock slide warnings on the way home

I could see why when we passed these

Very rocky mountains

Almost home

Home Sweet Home and Last one!

Today we visited the little town of Julian, California. Julian is an historic gold mining town approximately an hour east of San Diego, located in the beautiful Cuyamaca mountains.

Julian was founded following the Civil War, when displaced Confederate Veterans from Georgia headed West to seek their fortunes. Among these were cousins Drue Bailey and Mike Julian, who found a lush meadow between Volcan Mountain and the Cuyamacas to their liking. They were there in 1869 when cattleman Fred Coleman found the first flecks of gold in a creek. It was San Diego County's first and only gold rush.

The gold rush was short-lived, nearly over within a decade. But the pioneers stayed and began farming the rich land. While many crops were planted and animals pastured, Julian proved to be a fine place to grow apples. Apples continue to be produced in Julian today. We enjoyed a slice of apple mountain berry pie, with apples, raspberries, boysenberries and strawberries, and it was scrumptious.

Although famous for apples and superb apple pie and many specialty shops, Julian has become the center for visitors who wish to stay in the mountains and enjoy the wonderful B&B's. It is known as the B&B capital of Southern California.

We enjoyed our visit but wished we had more time. We plan to visit again and do a lot more exploring of this unique mountain town. More later from California.

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