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Huge Flower Fireworks

We went back down to the Falls today to see the sights we missed the other day. It was beautiful out around 80 degrees. I have to say that Yogi Bear Resort where we are staying are fantastic. They have a shuttle that takes you down to the Falls every hour and today the fellow who was driving took us on a little side excursion to get a better view of the Falls from up on a hill it was unbelievable the view. He told us a lot of others things about the area and we felt he really went out of his way to show us a good time. We would highly recommend staying here it is so clean and the owners are very friendly it's two brothers that bought the place and have really fixed it up nice.

We walked all around the parkway today we went under the Falls and then took a bus down to the far end of the Falls where you get to see the Rapids really come down (Sharon reminded me of our river rafting trip so Paul are you ready to go again?) We had a great time and met lots of people the one thing you find here is there from all across Canada, States and Europe. Everyone you talk to who works in the area say it has been a really bad year for tourism not many people coming, they are all hoping the economy will change and it will get back to being busy again.

We came back and had dinner at the park tonight, sat around and had some good wine. Then around 8 pm we took the shuttle back to the Falls to see it lite up at night and on the weekends they have a fireworks show. Brian took me out to a really nice restaurant that overlooked the Falls and we had some nice hot B-52 coffees and a really good cheesecake dessert. It was really pretty from there we could see the Falls light up and not get cold and wet from the spray.

We went outside along the pathway around the time the fireworks were starting. They were fantastic I have posted a few pictures but our camera just didn't catch how large and beautiful the fireworks really were. It was the end of a great day and both Brian and I said this has been a great honeymoon.

Tomorrow we are just going to relax at the park and get caught up with some laundry and go for a swim in the pool. We've decided we don't want to go and see anymore big cities for a while so we have changed our plans. We are heading out tomorrow for Schenectady New York where we will stay for five days at a resort that is on a lake and has golfing and fishing. From there we will head over to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for five days then onto Frederickton New Brunswick for two then up to Lac Baker, New Brunswick which puts us right back on schedule for seeing the Maritimes.

We figure with both Mike & Gary living out East now we can fly out some other time and take a side trip to Quebec. We've discovered along our travels that we really do enjoy the serenity of the outdoors much more than the business of the cities.

Hope to hear from you. We aren't sure if we have Internet in Schenectady so I don't know if I can post again until we get to Old Orchard Beach.

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