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Monday we awoke to a great silence! The last several evenings we have been plagued with train whistles. Since we are near the main E-W freight line of the Union Pacific we have been hearing the trains each night all night.

The confluence camp site worked out well, we saw many birds which were too far away to identify except for the pelicans. Several we watched kept flying up river above our site and then floating down river fishing for a half mile and then repeating the process.

We took off after a hot breakfast and headed on across Montana, following US Highway 2 all the way. US 2 passes through several Indian reservations and although that maybe unrelated, we were amazed at the number of white crosses along the road. Each cross representing a traffic fatality. Some times single sometimes multiple crosses on a stake. The high number of crosses on one stake was seven indicating a seven fatality accident. We later learned that there is a big push in the state to make US 2 four lane all across the state. Looks like a good idea from the hundreds of crosses we saw.

We spotted several pronghorn along the way adding to our list of wildlife for the trip. At the town of Wolf Point we stopped for gas and bread which we were low on. At a historic wayside for Sleeping Buffalo Rock, we paused for lunch and while there several loclal native Americans stopped to rub the rock and to leave offerings of tobacco and herbs.

In the afternoon we stopped at a new US Park Service National Historic Site called Bear Paws Battlefield. It is so new that it isn't listed in their Passport directory. The site commemerates the plight of the Nez Perce Indians who tried the escape US military capture and flee to Canada.

Evening found us at the WalMart in Havre, MY where we spent the night again serenaded by the UP whistles.

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