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Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz again - this time a little more touristy

Another touristy shot

Water down spout off the roof of Burg Eltz

I stopped to take this picture as an excuse to rest my...

Swan Mom and Babies on the side of the road near Cochem

This is a view of our hotel from the back side. Our...

June 4, 2009

Today we got up and went to breakfast in the hotel. Luckily, breakfast is included in the price of the room because meals here cost a ton! It was standard European breakfast fare. The big kids (Chris, Traci and Alicia) enjoyed it but it left a lot to be desired for the little kids who were craving some hot, delicious bacon. After breakfast, we gathered up our stuff for the day and went out.

Our first destination of the day was Burg Eltz which is a privately owned castle in the German countryside that was never destroyed by war. The Eltz family still lives in the castle after 35 generations and 850 years. Luckily, this trip (Chris and I visited on our honeymoon) we were early enough to get to go on an English speaking tour. Last time we arrived right as they were closing and the only tour left was a German tour. To say the least, the castle is much more interesting when you can understand what they are saying. There is a lot of original artwork and "Art History" major Alicia was very interested in hearing about it. Unfortunately, there was also a little screaming brat along on our tour (no, it wasn't Ashley or Alicia). Every time our guide would start saying something interesting, the kid would start yelling or whining and his parents could have cared less. His antics even bothered little Amanda who walked up to me and said, "That little boy is very annoying. Why isn't his Mommy doing anything about his behavior?"

Our car was parked about 15 minutes away from the castle and along the way we took some great photos. The only problem was that it was downhill while we were headed to the castle which meant it was uphill all the way back, and when I say uphill, I mean UPHILL!!! Think our 64 steps to our hotel rooms multiplied by 500! When we finally made it back to the car, I decided that I desperately need to get on the treadmill more often at home.

From Burg Eltz, we travelled along the Mosel River to the town of Cochem. Believe it or not, we actually saw Stombolli again riding the tractor pulling his little wooden trailer. Luckily this time, we didn't get stuck behind him. Along the way, we spotted a swan sitting in a patch of grass along the side of the road with 5-6 little grey babies. We turned around and went back to take a few photos of the little cuties. Once we arrived in Cochem, we noticed about 25 more swans swimming in the river. It was very picturesque (but for some reason we didn't take a picture).

We strolled around Cochem for about an hour window shopping and them decided to eat some dinner. We must have checked the menu at every restaurant in town. Chris couldn't make a decision so we just decided to choose the one with the best atmosphere. It was decorated like an old castle. We were the only customers in the place so we chose a table in the window overlooking the street. Everyone who walked by the restaurant stared into the window at us so Chris started making crazy faces. Most of the people that passed by just kept on walking but one group of old German men stopped and cracked up at him. They even came into the restaurant and one of the men came up to our table. He leaned over Chris and said a few incomprehensible sentences in German and then began laughing hysterically. Of course, this made the rest of us crack up even though we had no idea what we were laughing about. The only word we were able to make out was 'chef' so we figure he was the chef at the restaurant just showing up for work and was telling us that he was going to spit in our food. Oh well, the food was still pretty good. After we finished eating, we jumped in the car and headed back to our castle hotel in Oberwesel to turn in for the night.

Unfortunately, the kids didn't eat much at dinner so they got hungry around 9:00. Chris took them downstairs to the restaurant while I packed us up because we depart for Rothenburg ob der Tauber tomorrow morning. Good night!

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