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Our campground at Yogi Bear in Niagara Falls

Top of the Falls

Mist from the Falls

Maiden Mist coming up to the Falls


Niagara Falls

American side of the Falls

Aren't we Cute?

Up close to the Falls on the Maiden Mist

View from Miaden Mist

Warning! Don't take your own pictures

Well after only 13 years we finally are having our Honeymoon at Niagara Falls. We arrived today it was a great drive from Amherstburg to Niagara hardly any traffic at all. We're staying at another Yogi Bear Park this one is fantastic. We have a great spot and one of the really nice things is they have a shuttle every hour that goes to the Falls.

Once we got sit up we decided to catch the shuttle and go down to the Falls. As soon as you started to get near the Falls you could hear the water roaring. They were beautiful but we were a little surprised at the size of the Falls we thought they would be much larger. We walked all along the walkway where you can get different views of the Falls almost everywhere you looked you could see rainbows above the Falls. You can also see the United States Falls from the Canadian side their much smaller and we didn't feel as magnificent as the ones on the Canadian side.

The mist that comes up from the Falls gets you very wet we were glad we brought our jackets along with us. We took the Maiden Mist boat which takes you right up next to the Falls it was fantastic. Lucky they give you these blue type raincoats on otherwise we would of been completely soaked instead of just a little bit soaked.

After we got off the Maiden Mist we were really cold so we walked up to a little bar that over looked the Falls and had some hot B52's MMMM!!! MMMM!!! GOOD!!! We walked a little more around the Falls and then Brian said seeing as this is our honeymoon I'll take you out for dinner. We went out and had a very nice dinner uptown then walked back down to where we caught our shuttle back to the park. It was a very enjoyable day.

Tomorrow we are thinking of going on a wine tour but will see once we get up in the morning.

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