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Happy Anniversary, Honey!!

47 years ago, after a sleepless night with Air Force buddies, I was showered and dressed, for our wedding. Note: Despite the constant urging from my “buddies”, I did not join in the drinking, and was tired but nothing more at 10:00 AM, for our wedding.

Marilyn later told me that I looked like a ghost when she saw me at the church. I admit that I was nervous and maybe a little bit scared.

On the other hand, Marilyn looked absolutely stunning! She was beautiful back then, and still is in my eyes.

I remember a few things from that day.

My brother hitch-hiked from an Air Force Base on Ohio, to be at the wedding. I had wanted him to be the “Best Man” but he was afraid that he couldn’t make it to the wedding. I was delighted to see him walk into that church.

We were married in the Catholic Church where Marilyn had attended most of her life.

The wedding party attended a brunch hosted by Marilyn’s aunt Vera, right after the wedding.

In the afternoon, a reception was held at the home of Marilyn’s parents, and my Air Force buddies used some of their time to “decorate” my car.

I was anxious to leave the reception and have some alone time with Marilyn. After 47 years, that part hasn’t changed.

We were driving to Red Oak, Iowa, to our “home.” I remember that it rained on us nearly all the way to Red Oak.

There never was a honeymoon because money was so short.

I hope that over the years, I have made up for the lack of a honeymoon, with trips to South America, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean, the mountains of Colorado, the beaches of Florida, our many trips to the Grand Canyon, and various other places we have seen in our life together.

It has been a grand adventure together, and we look forward to many more years, sharing this journey of married life, surrounded by loving family and friends.

Marilyn’s cold has put a kink in our plans to celebrate today, but we’ll simply adapt to the situation and I’ll spend the day making her as comfortable as possible.

We’ll celebrate when she is feeling better.

By the way, we want to thank all of you who wrote, e-mailed or called to wish us a Happy Anniversary today. We feel the love and send you our love in return.

I took the time to drive to town for a haircut, and then to Wal-Mart to pick up some medication for Marilyn.

I decided to grill a couple of steaks and serve them with corn-on-the-cob and a Caesar salad for dinner. Of course that all depends on how Marilyn feels.

She did sit outdoors watching me on the Wii for a short time.

It is very warm and humid today so I only worked out for about 20 minutes and played games for another 30 minutes.

It looks as if it could rain so I put the grill away and we’ll plan on cooking out tomorrow.

Jennifer and Colby are coming in later, but won’t stay long.

For now, dear readers, that is the journal entry for today.

Tomorrow is a new day and we look forward to whatever adventures this life has in store…..

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