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This is as close to Agatha Christie as we got!

Torquey - the British Riviera


Beautiful roads to Torquey

Working phone booths in the middle of nowhere

Narrow roads in town and out


Saw more thatched roofs here than in Ireland

What a huge mistake I made today! I thought it was Wednesday and booked a driver to take us 2 hours away to Agatha Christie's home called Greenway. When we got there it was closed because it is TUESDAY! Holy cow- what an expensive mistake. We made lemonade out of lemons and spent the afternoon at the seaside resort of Torquay known as the "British Riviera".

We sat by the water and had a lunch of fish and chips and then walked around visiting shops etc. The drive there and and back was so scenic - took lots of pics that I can't share! I feel very badly that I screwed up - deep down both Norma and I are very disappointed. I hope tomorow's trip to Barnstable will take away some of the sting of today's fiasco.

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