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Here we are on our last night in Paris trying to post on a Euopeqn keyboqrd!

I had thought i was donewith churches whenwe got to Paris, but upon strolling down to the Seine River on our first night, I turned and withastonishment and the dropping of my jaw exclaimed; "Ohmy God, Salima, it's Notre Dame!" The cathedral was not only grand and huge, but its facade had a delicacy that was jsut captivating! Also, though the site of it was literally awesome, i had a flood of memories of when i was a young mqn of 20, studying to be an engineer but wanting so much to take it some of the opportunities of attending a university with such a great liberal arts department,and so I enrolled in Beethoven 101, compqrqtive Govt and History of Art 263 the latter ofwhich included a segment on the architecture of the middle ages; so seeing notre dame brought backall those youthful memories of the awe I felt thenwith the awe I felt the other night in frontof it. We went ina couple of times and in this cathdral unlike those in Italy, I felt that the cathedrals message was much more reflective of a deeper truth about the mystery and the profundity of existence than the smallness of the ego expressions of the redhatted men doing the mass below.

Helen, our friend from Santa Cruw had suggested thqt we "walk, walk, walk; kiss, kiss,kiss" So weve been doing as much of both as possible. We are staying qat the Hotel Home Latin in the Latin Quarter, qbout a 5 minute walk from NOtre Dame; We took pictures of Salima standing in front of the house where Helen lived, ate French food at the polidor, q restaurant built in 1845, had delicious dinner and dessert crepes in Creperia Des Arte, and tonight we are headed to an Algerian coucous restaurant that Jay, my high school friend recommended. Strolling through the Luxembourg Gardens was like strolling through one of those Degas paintings. And children were still floating toy boats on the lake powered by the wind and gently turned qnd relaunched with sticks when they hit the edge.

The concert in Sainte Chappel was mqgnificent; surrounded by the wall of deeply hued glass qnd the sound of the cello resonating from the walls.

Paris is alive all night it appears zith restaurqnts opening at 8 and dqncing starting qt 11. The energy is contagious!

It is time to go to dinner. Tomorrow we head home!

love to you all!


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