2009 Athens to Amsterdam travel blog

To give some insight into the Amsterdam life, here are some typical phrases you may here in Amsterdam.

"That's my bike!"

There seems to be some kind of bike rotation scheme going on in Amsterdam: if a bike does not get stolen for a year the owner is considered lucky.

"Fiets kopen? (Bua a bike?)"

Seems the only ones benefiting from the bike rotation scheme are the dodgy characters trying to sell you a bike for 10 euros.

"It ain't mutch if it ain't Dutch"

The Dutch are quite proud of their country, which you notice especially around the time of the soccer world cup.

"I'm Mark, and this is my husband Eric"

In the Netherlands it is possible for a gay couple to marry.

"I can't see"

The Dutch are the tallest people in the world, averaging 1.86m for men. So make sure you get a front row ticket...

"Where are my wooden shoes"

Actually, you are probably born a hundred years too late to hear that one.

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