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This is not Florida driftwood!!! These logs are humongous!

Coquille River Lighthouse

A look at the other side

Heading down to "Fillmore's Beach"

Kicking up his heels! (And sand!)

The Flying Poodle!

Still flying!

Still going strong!

"Fillmore's Beach"

Interesting clouds

Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge..... the tide was out

View from South Jetty County Park


Coquille Point... Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge

View to the south

Another..... we're down on the beach now

A misty scene

There are bird rookeries out on these rocks

A type of sea anemone in one of the tidal pools. It...

A stranded starfish. The incoming tide will carry it back out.

Do you see the baby harbor seal sleeping just below its mother?

It's waking up now.... A wave soon washed it off its perch.

We had to walk down these steps to get to the beach.......

Taken from a viewpoint in Bandon State Park

Another from the same overlook

Face Rock.....There is a legend about this but I can't remember what...

Doug got up at the crack of ten. That was considerably better than yesterday. We went to the PO and picked up our stuff in general delivery. Doug got a new pair of trucker suspenders so now he’s really something. What, you don’t know what trucker suspenders are? Every full time RVer needs them. They are suspenders that hook onto pants at the hips and then over the shoulders. They loop around the arms and have a cross piece in the back to keep the loops from falling down the arms. The big advantage is that the heavy metal clips don’t dig into your back while driving or sitting in a chair as normal suspenders do. They are quite comfortable.

Our touring today took us to Coquille River Light House near Bandon OR. The light house was constructed in the 1896 and stayed in commission until 1939. It had/has no electricity and the light was powered by a steam generator and the light house operator had to stoke the engine for long nights during periods of heavy fog. The volunteers who were working there today are also full time RVers from the east side of Oregon and come over to do this job in the summer.

We then went to a deserted beach and turned Fillmore loose on it. JoAnn got some great pictures of the big grin on his face as he ran and ran on the beach. Oregon is his favorite state because he can run on the beaches here. His favorite ranches are in AZ though.

We went into Bandon and had fish and chips for lunch at a small bait and tackle shop on the waterfront. The town was basically deserted as the season hasn’t started here yet. We walked around and browsed a couple of stores.

Our next stop was Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge at Coquille Point. We climbed down a long series of stairs to the beach and wandered. The tide was out and there were very few people around. JoAnn found a tidal pool and saw some anemones and one star fish. On the rocks nearby were some seals sunning themselves. There was at least one baby squalling for attention from its napping mother. A wave washed one of the babies off of the rock. We didn’t see it again but we heard it and the mother didn’t seem perturbed. Then another adult seal swam over and started pushing the mother. They argued and pushed each other until they fell into the water. She then went into a series of smacking the water with her flipper and then diving and smacking it with her tail. We don’t know if this was mating activity or play or territorial behavior. It was fun to watch.

We went to a couple more beach access points along this stretch before heading back to the rig. We went to happy hour with the MOCs until Doug got too cold and it started to rain.

We had a full day and a good day and that’s what we’re supposed to do as full timers.

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