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Marilyn & I had planned to keep Colby today, but Marilyn’s cold has her down in bed and Colby’s grandma Gloria came to the rescue by offering to keep Colby today.

I felt a sore throat coming on last evening so I took some Z-Pac right away, and I seem to be holding my own.

Poor Marilyn has been in bed all day.

I fixed some soup for her and she got out of bed long enough to eat something before going back to the bedroom.

I ran some errands this morning, mailed some cards to a couple of special graduates, visited the bank to replenish my dwindling cash reserves, filled the Van with fuel, and shopped for groceries.

Once the groceries were put away, I fixed some lunch for Marilyn & I, then just rested for awhile.

It is a warm, muggy day outdoors so we have the A/C on. The steady hum of the A/C may help Marilyn to sleep.

I finally dragged myself out of my recliner to tidy up the kitchen before I prepared some home-made chicken soup for our dinner.

Tomorrow is our anniversary and we had a reservation for dinner at the Garth Mansion’s Woodside Dining Room. I called to change the reservation for another date. I hated to do that, but we want to be able to enjoy that meal when we go to that wonderful place.

So, for now, our hope is that I will be able to fight off the cold and not allow it to get a hold on me, while we hope that Marilyn will recover quickly and get back to her normal, ornery self. LOL

Our friends, Carl & Linda, will be here later this week and we want to enjoy some time with these good people.

We are supposed to go out for Mexican food with other friends on Wednesday evening, but we’ll have to wait to see how we are doing at that time.

I spoke on the phone with my cousin, Beverly, this morning, and we have plans to visit relatives in Kahoka, MO on June 14th. We’ll see some of them again on the 20th of June and we will be back on the road on June 27th, heading for Colorado.

I got on-line a day or two ago and joined the RV-Dreams.com group on Facebook. I also discovered many other people that we know on the Facebook web site, and hope that I haven’t messed up too much. I am still learning about how to do things on there.

It is now evening here and Marilyn has found her way down to the living room to sit in her recliner with a bowl of the chicken soup I made for her. Hope that helps her a little bit.

I have taken my second Z-Pac and am still feeling OK. Not great but OK.

We plan to just sit here and watch some TV tonight.

Hopefully, another good night of sleep will do us both lots of good.

Our friend, Speedy, has now retired and is a full-time RVer. Way to go Speedy!

So, that’s it for tonight folks. We look forward to a fine day tomorrow and can’t wait to see what adventures that day might have in store…..

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