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Burghotel Auf Schoenburg

Burghotel on the hill overlooking the town of Oberwesel and the Rhine...

Honeymoon Balcony

Representation of our rooms

Lunch at the Loreley Perle. Notice the proprietor searching out new customers...

Hillside vineyard on the banks of the Rhine River

One of the many castles on the banks of the Rhine River

The girls at the top of the Loreley Rock

View from the top of the Loreley Rock

Could this be the Loreley siren?

Or maybe this is the Loreley siren

View from our hotel room balcony

Dinner the first evening at Burghotel Auf Schonberg

This is the sugar bowl trophy you get after you figure out...

Ashley enjoying her kid meal dessert

Alicia enjoying her "kid" meal dessert

Amanda's Kid Meal Dessert

This is the sitting room of the kid's room. I'm not sure...

The main bed in the girls room

Here's Amanda's little secret bed built into the wall.

Shower of the girls room

This is the bed in my room.

Here's our sitting area.

Our first destination is located in Oberwesel, Germany. We will stay here 2 nights in a castle on a hill overlooking the Rhine river.

The balcony photo is the Turret room where we stayed on our honeymoon. Obviously, it's not a photo of us...because Chris was almost too scared to walk out onto the balcony back then.

Since the size of our traveling party won't allow us to fit into that room any more, the next photo is a representation of the rooms we will have this trip.

Both rooms have a view of the Rhine River.


June 3

So we arrived at our first hotel way before check-in time but they were nice enough to stow our luggage so we could take a car tour without having our car broken into. Therefore, we set off for St. Goar which is right down the road and Rick Steve's says it's a great place to shop. Like I said, it's not a long way up the road but it took forever since were ended up behind a little tractor pulling a small wooden trailer reminiscent of Strombolli's cart from Pinocchio. He was literally moving less than 15 kms/hour. It was agonizingly slow. When we FINALLY arrived in St. Goar, it took us a while to figure out the parking machines since they only take coin Euros and all we had were bills. By this time, it was nearing noon and we were getting hungry. In classic Chris form, he walks up to a window restaurant and orders HIMSELF a schnitzel. After getting an earful from the rest of us, we started looking for a cafe where we could all enjoy some food. Soon after, we were accosted by the proprietor of the Loreley Perle who talked us into joining him for lunch. The food turned out to be quite good and it was fun watching him lure other customers in. We were his first customers but by the time we left, all the tables in the outdoor cafe were full. Of course, we attribute this to the "Foreman Theory". For the non-Foremans reading this, the "Foreman Theory" occurs whenever a group of Foremans enter an establishment with very few customers. It never fails, the place is always hopping with people by the time we depart.

After eating, we drove our car onto a ferry to cross the Rhine River and took a less than eventful trip up to the Loreley Rock. Legend has it that a beautiful river siren used to lure poor sailors to a watery grave at the Loreley, which is a sharp turn in the river that is hard to navigate via boat. There is a statue of the siren at the top and it's a great view but we were tired and grumpy and probably didn't enjoy it to the fullest. So we went back down to the car ferry, crossed over and made our way back to the hotel for check-in.

Our rooms are awesome but we pity the poor soul that lugged our luggage up here because we are at the very top of one of the castle turrets. There are only 2 rooms up here so we have it all to ourselves (rooms 35 and 36). We are 4 stories up totalling 64 winding stairs. I almost blew out a lung coming up the first time.

Comparing the two rooms, we all think the kids room is the coolest. It has lots of character and a secret bed in the wall that Amanda quickly claimed as her own. Plus, the toilet is one of those old fashioned ones with the water tank way up high and a pull chain. You know the kids LOVE that! Our room is nice too but it doesn't have quite as many neat touches. We do have a hidden safe in the wall behind a portrait so that's cool and we got the best view from our balcony so it's a good trade-off.

We got settled into our rooms and all crashed for 3 hours. We were only going to rest for a moment and 3 hours later, it was time to go to dinner. We decided that we just didn't have the energy to rush down so we pushed our reservations back by one hour. That was a great decision! We took our time getting ready for dinner and that put us all in a much better mood.

The restaurant was very small but quite nice. The menu was very limited but we each found something we could eat. All three kids ate off the kid's menu (yes, so did 18 year old Alicia). They had chicken schnitzel, vegetable beef broth soup with alphabet noodles and a cool little ice cream dessert. I had beef filet with scalloped potatoes and Chris had veal. We also had a bottle of wine that wasn't so great but we didn't let it go to waste.

One of the highlights of dinner was watching Alicia try to figure out how to deal with her hot tea. It was served as a little tea service that she had to brew herself. It took us a while to figure it out but once she got it brewed up, she thoroughly enjoyed it.

After dinner, we made our way back up the 64 steps to our room and crashed for the night.

Unfortunately, our internet connection is not very stable in this hotel so we haven't been able to get the photos to upload. Therefore, we'll post the photos once we get to a better connection.

We'll write again tomorrow.

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