Visit to the Kids Apr - Jun 2009 travel blog

Sue relaxing while the annual maintenance is being done on the 5th...

One of the 5th wheels parked at our friends RV store.

It took about 90 minutes to clean this up.

Trees fell on their truck port.

Our great grandson Michael's preschool graduation

Our daughter Tricia (standing in red) finding her seat at her last...

Our grandson Trenton in pink shirt.

Our grand daughter Shayla receiving her H.S. diploma.

Picture #1: Back row, L to R - Trenton (grandson), Darin (grandson),...

Picture #2: Front row L to R - Kristi (grand daughter in-law),...

Shayla with diploma

Daughter Shar overlooking American Falls

Shar & Scott on Maid of the Mist under American Falls

Sue on the Maid on the Mist under Niagra Falls

Hello from New York ;

We arrived at Shar’s on May 26th and so far the weather has been cool and mostly cloudy with some rain.

I really like Shar’s house. While the floor plan is unusual with the den, which used to be the garage, kitchen, dinning area and living room on front side and the laundry room, small bath, Scott’s office, guest room, main bath and master bedroom on the back side they have more square footage and much more closet space. Scott is setting up the basement as a work space. Off the den is a nice patio room with flagstone flooring. Surrounding the house are several large shade trees with evergreen windbreaks on three sides. The attached garage and barn complete the property. The landscaping is very attractive and will require very little additional plantings.

Back tracking we had a great visit with Tricia and family. We were pleasantly surprised when Darin was able to attend Shayla’s graduation. I enjoyed some productive one on one time with Tricia as well as a very pleasurable lunch with Tricia, Shayla, and Cheri. I was also able to spend some time with my dear friend Mary Williams. Of course it is always fun to renew our relationship with the great grandchildren. They are growing so quickly both physically and cognitively. It was a treat to converse with each of them. The graduation was held on the football field with parents of graduates seated in chairs on the field and the rest of us in the bleachers. We had a fairly good view of the stage and therefore were able to watch each of the 550 plus students receive their diplomas. Since Shayla’s last name is Wilson she was 7th from the last. Tricia made up for the tedium of the ceremony with a party for Shayla following her graduation. Only one more grandchild to graduate from high school.

After Tricia helped me choose fabric for the dining chairs and cornices in the trailer she recovered the chairs and one cornice. We left the rest of the cornices with her to complete for our return next year.

On our way to Shar’s we stopped for a couple of days with our friends the Perrys in Palistine IL. We had a very enjoyable visit and had time for several card games. Unfortunately the men won most of the time. When we prepared the trailer to leave Illinois for New York we could not find Louie. We checked all his usual hiding places but no luck. Fortunately Lee thought to look under his recliner and there he was as far up in the mechanism as he could get. Once he was on board the truck we were on our way.

Today, May 29th we went to Niagara Falls Canada. As we left the house the low dark grey clouds had us speculating on whether we had make a good choice of days, however by the time we had eaten lunch the sun was shining giving us a beautiful warm day. Shar accomplished two firsts, crossing a border by car and seeing the falls. For Lee and me it was our third trip to view this spectacular natural wonder. Seeing it with Shar added to our pleasure especially since she was able to take the Maid of the Mist boat ride. While getting to and from the boat dock required considerable walking she managed fairly well. On our return to the states we were ask if any of us had any medical treatments in the last 30 days. It seems either Shar’s truck or one of us registered positive for radiation. We had to park and go into the border station where we were checked with a hand held giegercounter then wait while the Border guard filled out forms and made phone calls to establish the equipment had malfunctioned. After 40 minutes they thanked us for our patience and wished us a good day. Shar was extremely tired but she seemed to recuperate reasonably well when we got home and could lay down for a while of course tomorrow will be the real test of how well she is doing.

This will bring you up to date on us. Next update I will try to enclose pictures.


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