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Rosalie, Marilyn and Cathy

Ralph, Steve and Ed

Ed pointing out the location of the Runway


Where once we prepared to take to the sky

Scene from The Catfish Place







Used dishes

The remains

We awoke to the sound of rain on our roof. When I dragged myself from the comfort of the bed, it was still raining and I thought to myself, that each time Ralph & Rosalie come to visit us, it rains.

We had plans to pick up Ralph & Rosalie as well as Steve & Cathy, at 10:30 AM to take a little road trip in our Van.

The last time that the six of us were in our Van together was when we shared a trip to Estes Park, CO together.

Marilyn stayed in bed until she heard the coffee bean grinder running, then joined me in the living room for coffee, music and the fireplace.

After awhile, I took out the trash, then cleaned the Van on the inside.

We left the Campground just a bit early in order to have time to fill the Van with fuel at Wal-Mart.

By the time we picked up our friends, the sun was shining brightly.

We decided to drive through the country and arrive at the “Catfish Place” in time for lunch.

I also had mentioned the really great lemon ice cream they have at the “Ice Cream Shoppe” in Kahoka, MO. Marilyn & I found it difficult to believe that we were the only ones in our group who had tasted lemon ice cream.

Marilyn & I felt bad going past Kahoka, where I have friends and relatives, but we have a trip planned for June 14th, to visit relatives in Kahoka.

We were shocked to arrive at the Catfish Place only to discover that they do not open until 5:00 PM on Saturdays.

I have a bit of a reputation among the RV-Dreams group, for planning a group outing to a restaurant, only to discover that they are closed when we arrive.

I know we should call first, but where is the adventure in that? LOL

We walked around for a little while, not knowing what to do, then climbed back in the Van for the drive east, back down the highway we had just driven.

In Kahoka, everyone was ready for some lemon ice cream. Man was it ever delicious! Everyone enjoyed that icy treat.

After enjoying the dessert, we ordered a sandwich to tide us over until dinner time.

While eating the sandwich we decided to take a drive through the country on back roads, and end up back at the Catfish Place.

Yes, it is that good!

We drove back roads through little towns and I pointed out where relatives of mine had lived, gone to school, and were buried.

We also drove out to the little grass strip where Glen Wiley taught me to fly. The old T-Hangars were still there as well as the one other building.

Still visible above the door was a faded old sign saying “Wiley’s” el 622’

The grass runway has long since been plowed up and is planted in crops, and the T-hangar where I used to do the “Pre-Flight” inspection is all grown over with weeds.

It was a bit sad for me to see that, but I have a special memory of Glen Wiley.

In his later years he was suffering from Cancer and had limited time left. I contacted him and invited him to fly to Chicago O’Hare and back with me, in the Jet.

Glen and his loving wife, Betty, both were on board for that flight, and Betty later told me that she was sure that the experience added several weeks to Glen’s life.

Glen was so proud to have one of his students flying a jet into one of the world’s busiest airports.

We had a headset rigged up so that Glen could watch from the seat right behind the cockpit and hear the entire radio conversation.

You could tell that he really enjoyed that flight and it was a pleasure for me to share it with such a fine pilot and instructor.

By the time we all arrived back at the Catfish Place, they allowed us to go in and sit on the floating dock, while having a cold drink.

We swapped stories and lots of laughter, until the waitress informed us that they were all set up and we could eat at any time.

I could tell you how good it was but I think I’ll just post some pictures for you.

By the time we dropped our friends off and returned to our little home on wheels, it was getting dark.

We are now relaxing and watching some hockey on TV.

We’ll have another fine day tomorrow, and look forward to whatever adventures that day has in store…..

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