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Headed to Key Largo, Tavernier

Hwy 1

We've arrived

Our New Campsite

Rick's House

The Owls Feeding Time

Mr. Owl

Dinner Time


enjoying the view

sharks feeding

John feeding the wild pelicans

Just for the car lovers

Pretty sweet

Rick Trout, hard at work.

Keys Hwy 1

Anne's Beach MM#103

Me, Sara & Son

custom golf cart

at Ocean Reef

view from the top

Ocean Reef water way entrance

about 130'

Ocean Reef pool over looking the water way

Me in the pool by the water way

Dlophins Tribute to the Dolphins Rick worked with

John at Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef man made beach and lagoon

Another awesome boat

ya gotta love these carts

Pretty cool

Just one of the homes in Ocean Reef


ok, ya gotta love this one

view of Ocean Reef

John's favorite boat, about 70'

John's favorite boat, about 70', different view

John's favorite boat, about 70'

more custom carts

carts and carts

Rick after a day in the water

Ocean Reef home

Nice boat

My favorite Boat, Wings

What can I say

a hot one

This boat bent both propellers entering Ocean Reef


Rick at work

John and Rick

One of the Props

Wing, about 135'

The end of a Great Day

World Famous Tiki Bar (so the sign says)

I found my Kokomo

The Africian Queen

The Africian Queen

Taking a little ride

View from the boat of Ocean Reef

Ocean Reef Home

Ocean Reef Home

Ocean Reef Home

Priviate Island off Ocean Reef

John is going to get wet

off he goes

another home view from the boat

dinner at Snooks

Snook's, a Jay kinda place

sunset from Snook's

Thurs. May 21

We left Midway campground and the Everglades and on our way to Key Largo. The weather was fine, a little rainy, the roads good. Found a Casino on Hwy 41 and stopped for breakfast and found a way to throw away some spare change. We arrived in the Keys, mile post 92, To Rick’s, ( Trevor’s Dad) home and proceeded to squeeze our Motorhome in his yard. It is very warm here. Temp hangs around 90 plus. Unhooked the car and took off exploring. Rick told us about the wild bird sanctuary in the area, so we went over there and had a great time looking at all the birds. John even fed some pelicans. Rick arrived later and took us to one of his jobs he was doing. He is a diver and works on a lot of boats in the marinas. It is a beautiful area and I walked along the beach and while John visited with the people whose boat Rick was working on. Afterwards the three of us went out to dinner and got reacquainted. We had not seen each other since Brynn and Trevor’s graduation from AMDA.

Friday, May 22

We explored a little to the north of us and a little to the south of us. We are in Tavernier, south of Key Largo. Everything here goes by mile marker. Rick lives at MM 92, Annie’s Beach is at MM 103, the further north the higher the MM#. It all starts in Key West. We didn’t go that far today, just checked out a couple of beaches and a couple of stores and of course we ate at the Fish House. I had salad. I am sure you are thinking I must be sick of salad by now, but I am not. Don’t worry there are items on the menu that I can order, but I like salad. It was getting pretty hot and so we came home to take a cold shower and relax. Ended up relaxing the rest of the evening.

It was Brodie’s birthday today. Missed seeing her, but Happy Birthday, Brodie.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bryon.

Slow start this morning. Rick called and asked us to come to “Ocean Reef”. This is where he works mostly in an exclusive independent community. We met Sara Madill, and her husband, Scott, who have a condo there. Her father is “Monroe Shocks” . She did an internship with Rick and the Dolphins years back. She showed us around and signed us in as her guest for a week . Although her family is going back home to Seattle, Wash., tomorrow, we have a week pass to come and go as we please. It was very kind of her and we appreciate her thoughtfulness. This is where we find Rick diving to repair boat bottoms, or clean them or whatever needs to be done. It is hard to describe this community. You need to buy into it before you even purchase a condo or home. Most people there have their own golf carts they drive around instead of a car. They have their own airport, fire department, security, marina, restaurants, grocery store, movie theatre, etc. There are 3500 residences. I will post a couple of the homes and a few of the yachts. I found from yesterdays visit that most of the residence are upper income bracket. Heads of big business. They have a man made beach, several large pools, and smaller pools in the little communities. There are a lot of lagoons. It was a whole different world. There are even designer golf carts. They have parking spaces if they rent a car, or drive one, but once they get there they pull out their golf carts from their golf cart garage and that’s how they get around. In the afternoon, it looks like a busy little city with golf carts going everywhere in the golf cart lanes. It reminded me of the Jetsons cartoon, with their little flying cars going here and there. That’s what it looked like.

John and I swam in the pool and kept cool, as the weather is way to hot for me here. Checked on Rick working on about a 70’ Hatteras. You can tell he loves his job, he is always smiling. There were many outrageous yachts coming and going and ready to party for the memorial week end. The community was setting up for a street fair in “Fishermen Village”. There was a golf cart accident where the fire department showed up and the police. A lot of teens driving carts around. Kids will be kids. It was such an interesting day. Of course we loved strolling around the lagoons and waterways looking at the yachts. They are so beautiful. Indescribable. I will try to post some good pics.

After Rick finished work, we headed for the Calypso for dinner. John ate mango garlic hog fish, which is a snapper, with a face resembling a hog. He said it was excellent. It was their special.

Sunday, May 25, 2009

Thunderstorms were expected and they came in the late afternoon. It rains so hard here you can not see the street. It is a sheet of water coming out of the sky. It stops as soon as it starts. And then a beautiful rainbow appears. Another warm day in Key Largo. We did some shopping today and then ended up at “Ocean Reef”. Stopped in to see How Rick was doing and got there just in time for John to help him pull up a couple of props he had removed for repair. The owner of the boat hit a rock coming into the waterway. The weather was looking like another thunder storm and we decided to head out towards home. It just dumped. Had dinner in the home with Rick and another nice visit.

Monday, May 26, 2009

It is still very hot and muggy here but we are happy to be able to go to “Ocean Reef” and cool off. We lazed around in the morning and then headed for the pool. The weather is always hot, muggy, with threats of Thunder Storms and showers. Got to the entrance gate of “Ocean Reef” and they would not let us pass, until John put on a shirt. So now we know there is a dress code. The lady said it was a homeowners rule, you must have a shirt on, no tank top for guys, unless by the pool. So on with the shirt and off to the pool. We thought about getting the kayak out of Sara’s locker, as she offered it to us, but then decided that it would be fun just to sit by the pool on the side by the channel and watch all the yachts leave after Memorial Day week end. So we did just that. It was a peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable day. Hot tub and swimming pool, in between thunderstorms. If there is lighting they clear all water areas for 30 minutes, everyone out of the pools. If they don’t see any other action they allow you back in the pool, but it they see more lighting, they add another 30 minutes. So we were cleared out of the pool and back again. Rick was taking the props up to Ft Lauderdale and spending the night, so when we left “Ocean Reef” we found a diner and had a bite to eat, headed home, fed Ricks cats, and end to another day in the Florida Keys.

Tuesday, May 26

Another very warm day in Tavernier. I looked up the song of the Beach Boys to find out where Kokomo was. I thought I would like to go there if it was near here. I don’t think the Kokomo is the same place in Chuck Berry song. There is a Kokomo right here south of us at MM#84.5 It is a small resort called “Holiday Isle Resort” on the next isle of Islamorada. Kokomo was also once the name of an island off Jamaica, now called the Sandals Cay. (You think I have to much time on my hands or maybe the heat has gotten to my brain) I don’t think I will be seeing the one off Jamaica anytime soon, so we drove to the Kokomo here and took some pics. It looks rather like the afterwards of a huge party. The Memorial Day weekend is over and what is left of the party people are just laying by the pool. This is not a high end resort; it looks more like a place most people could afford, not that well kept, but whose in a room anyway. They had several bars, like the Kokomo, where there is music and dancing etc. and the “world famous Tiki Bar” (that’s what the sign says) The Rumrunner Bar, The Raw Bar, etc. Not much of a beach, but beaches are hard to find in the Keys. It was time to move on down the road. Ok, I read the lyrics to the song Kokomo again and it only makes sense that it is an isle off Jamaica. After looking that up again, it is about 2.5 acres and caters to couples who want a tropical get away.

Also found the boat “African Queen” from one of my favorite movies with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. So we got some pics of that also. Ended up in “Ocean Reef” and checked on Rick. He had some time so we took a boat ride around some islands and out to the ocean and back. Both Rick and John got in the water a bit. Had dinner at Snooks on the bay side. It was really a great view, docks for walking on the sun set was beautiful and it was warm, of course. A good day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yep, today is John’s birthday. He is 67. Wow, where did the time go. John and I have been together for about 30 years. And he doesn’t look a day over 55. The plan was we were going to meet Rick at “Ocean Reef” and then go out in the boat snorkeling. Well, just as we were loading up, there came the lightning storm and the rains came with it. So that changed the plan. We went out to breakfast instead. Lazed around really didn’t do much of anything, except explore some of the resorts that are located on the water. Rick had gone back to work, so by the time he finished it was really too late to go out. Nice day though

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