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BB King's, Memphis

Mud Island, Mississippi - where Jeff Buckley drowned

On the Island Queen, Mississippi

Top of hill in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Group in Tulsa, Oklahoma


20oz T-Bone

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

Route 66

Big stalagmite!

My second day in Memphis involved a visit to BB King's Blues Club for lunch and a trip on the Island Queen - an old paddle boat on the Mississippi. Live music on the streets all day is reallly great and this is another place I'd come back to for a few days.

Then it was west across Big River into Arkansas - home of Walmart, Bill Clinton and the Arkansas Chugabug out of The Wacky Races...and not much else. Pleasant enough though and guy at the campsite was delighted to see folk from outwith the state, never mind Europe.

We then crossed into Oklahoma and joined the historic Route 66 at Tulsa. Tulsa as we observed is home to the largest bronze praying hand sculpture in the world, and arguably the world's largest free standing statue of a roustabout standing by a derrick! Then we visited the largest wooden round barn in Oklahoma! The gift shop was like a shrine to the man still serving behind the counter since 1898. 'Bruce' had pictures of himself all over the place and seemed a weird character.

Spend the night in Oklahoma City KOA (Campsite Of America!)

Is this the way to Amarillo...? We headed into north Texas from Okie, visiting the bizarre Cadillac Ranch in Texas where we left out mark with spraypaint on the cars. Went to the Big Texan Steak House and tucked into some delicious deep fried testicles, followed by a 20oz T-Bone steak. A drunken group rendition of 500 miles brought complaints at the campsite!

Today, we crossed the flat, barren plains of West Texas, and into New Mexico. This bleak landscape broken only by the occasional rundown industrial settlement, some nodding donkeys, and the small windmills characteristic of this area. Visited the spectacular caverns at Carlsbad: the chamber at 750ft deep has the area of 14 football pitches with huge stalagmites and stalagtites - a speleogist's dream. We waited around to see thousands of bats emerge from the cave.

Carlsbad: probably the best cave system in the world!

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