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Heading out...

Can't get enough of this scenery...


Ron, Gloria and Bindi (the dog)...our ATV hosts...

Elk Lake..

Furry cows in a pasture...isn't he cute!

Red Rock RV Park in the distance...

Never get tired of this view..

Henry's Lake

Potluck at Red Rock..


Henry's Lake Trout


Big Springs..can you believe how clear the water is?

Trout at Big Springs...


After a couple of days rest and waiting for the Memorial Day crowds to die down it was time to unload the ATV's and take them for a ride in this beautiful area. Lucky for us there is a couple that stays here at Red Rock RV Park every summer that are avid ATV riders and they know every trail from beginning to end. That is another reason we like this park so much, you can ride the ATV's right out of the park and into some beautiful country. We loaded up the bikes and headed for the Continental Divide. Our plan was to travel along the divide, up the mountains to a spectacular view of the entire area. Unfortunately the snow was still really deep the farther up we went and we never made it to the top. Of course, Ron and Gloria knew another ride we could take that is just as beautiful. We traveled over Red Rock Pass (which is the border of Idaho and Montana) and into Montana’s Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. This has to be some of the most spectacular scenery in this part of the country. We stopped at Elk Lake which is a beautiful mountain lake, and watched a pair of bald eagles flying across the brilliant blue Montana skies. We then continued our trek to Hidden Lake which received it's name because of the remoteness of the area. The trail into Hidden Lake was steep and rocky, just like we like it and our finally destination was truly spectacular. Our trip for the day was 57 miles round trip and we were exhausted when we returned home. Since this was the first time we were on the ATV's since November we weren't accustomed to sitting so long on them. I'm sure by the end of this season we'll be "old pros" again. I hope you can see how beautiful this area is from the pictures.

Thursday Rick ventured down to Henry's Fork Lake for some fishing. Of course he came home with the limit of two trout on his stringer. Luckily his supply of Alaskan Salmon is diminishing and we finally have room for other items in the freezer.

We headed out on the ATV's again a couple of days later (Friday the 29th), this time heading in the opposite direction and wouldn't you know it, it was snowy as well, so we took another detour and ended up at Big Springs. This is called Big Springs because several springs come out of the ground to make a crystal clear river. This was the most clear water I have ever seen. There is no fishing allowed and there were several large trout under the bridge just waiting for a morsel of bread. This area is known for moose, unfortunately none were there when we. Another beautiful day in Island Park. This trip was 47 miles round trip, we weren't quite as exhausted as the previous day (but close).

Saturday night the park hosted a potluck dinner. The owners provided huge Idaho baked potatoes and hot dogs and all the guests provided toppings and side dishes. Yummo! We had delicious food and were able to meet some of the folks staying here as well. A great time was had by all and of course we ate way to much, but it sure was good.

Our original plan was to leave here Monday, June 1 for the short 170 mile trip to Dillon, but you know how plans change. We decided to stay here another week or so to explore the area some more on the ATV's and let Rick catch more fish. I'll post again soon.

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